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How many kids should I invite to my child's birthday party?

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  1. As a professional kid’s party planner, one question I hear parents asking all the time is, “what is the right amount of kids to invite to my child’s birthday party?”  This is actually one of the most important decisions to make in figuring out what type of party you want to have.  If you want to have the easiest party you can, with the least amount of stress, than knowing the number of kids and how many children you can reasonably accomodate is probably the first thing to think about.
  2. One of the most common things that parents wonder about is, “Do I need to invite all the children from my child’s class to the party?” The reason parents often feel this way is that very often their child has been invited to a birthday party of one of their classmates, to which their entire class was invited. So some parents might feel a certain social obligation to return the invitation, and invite all the child’s school mates to their own party. However, that being said you do still need to think realistically about the size of space you have, and the type of venue where the party will be, and whether or not that venue can comfortable hold that amount of children. Remember, there is no obligation to invite your entire child’s class to the party, even if you want to do something to reciprocate a previous invitation.  Start with a reasonable number of children, a good estimate is 10 to 25 kids. Anything more than this amount is definitely going to require a whole new level of planning and preparation, especially when it comes to food and cleanup. Keep the party easy and simple, the kids will have a better time if they are at a fun, relaxed event rather than one where there is too much crowd and chaos.

You don’t need to make a big deal for your child’s party, even if you are planning on having a large group of kids (say 20 or more).  Something as simple as pizza, some party favors, of course a birthday cake and maybe a bouncehouse or slide for the kids to jump and play on, and you’re all set!

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