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Power Ranger Kid’s Party!

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Power Ranger Kid's Party!It’s a known fact that kids LOVE superheros! Why not plan a Power Ranger Kid’s Party!  Year after year in the kids party business, superheroes like Power rangers, batman, spiderman, iron man, hulk, captain america and the transformers continue to be among the most popular kids birthday party themes for both boys and girls.

The TV show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” made it’s debut in the U.S. in the mid – 90s, and was an almost immediate smash hit show.  What started as a quirky little fun show in Japan quickly took over the minds of American kids.  Kids fell in love with the Power Ranger characters Tommy, Susie and the others, as they battled evil robots and alien beings. Kids love to pretend they are one of the Power Rangers, fighting evil and doing karate kicks and flips along side their heroes!

Power Ranger Kid’s Party!

Fun Factory Parties (offices in san jose, san francisco, san diego, sacramento, los angeles, orange county , dallas and houston texas)  has been offering parents and kids the opportunity to meet a real life power ranger character and have them come to a birthday party , school or corporate event.  It’s a guaranteed way to make a child’s birthday party fun and memorable.  Any of the power ranger characters can come along to the party (they come in all colors of pink, red, blue, green, yellow, black and white). Power Ranger Kid's Party!

The most popular colors of the past 10 years are the red and blue power ranger, followed closely by kimmy, the famous Pink Ranger.  The power rangers can do a whole range of activities with the kids, such as super – hero karate training, where they teach the kids fun and safe power ranger karate techniques, and make each child feel like they are a super- hero themselves! The power rangers can also do more traditional party activities like make balloon animals, do face – painting, some magic tricks or party games.

If you’d like to really add something special to your party and stay within the same theme, you can also rent a power ranger theme bouncehouse or super slide for your event.  These fun and safe bouncehouse rentals come with pictures of the power ranger in front. We deliver them in the morning before your party or event begins, and pick them up at the end of the day. the kids can jump and play in the bouncehouse all day long, and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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25 comments on “Power Ranger Kid’s Party!
  1. Avatar for Kevin Wilbon Kevin Wilbon says:

    Please call me at 301-848-5387 my sons birthday is on 27 March 2013 and he wants the Red Power Ranger to show up at his party, please tell me how much will it cost!!!

  2. Avatar for Kevin Wilbon Kevin Wilbon says:

    We live in Waldorf , Maryland

  3. Avatar for Tamara Tamara says:

    My son is turning 6 in march and we want the red ranger to show up!!! Plz inform me ASAP of the cost!!! THANK YOU 🙂

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Thanks for the comment – our prices depend on city and time, you can call us at 888 501 4fun for complete info. have a great kid’s birthday party!

  4. Avatar for DeAngela DeAngela says:

    My son is turnin 4 in July and i would like the red ranger to be there how much

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      hi – the price depends on the city and date of the party. please let us know for more info – thanks 888 501 4386

  5. Avatar for felicia salinas felicia salinas says:

    I live be

    tween san Francisco and sacramento. How much would it cost?

  6. Avatar for Alexis Alexis says:

    Would like the Black power ranger, Houston, Texas on April 20th… Cost?

  7. Avatar for amy amy says:

    How much for a power ranger to come to murrieta ca for4 year old birthday?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      HI – It Depends on the date. Usually 1 hour kids party character = $225 thanks 888 501 4fun

  8. Avatar for keara matthews keara matthews says:

    hi, im looking to hire a red power ranger for my sons 5th birthday party sat july 13, 2013 in chestertown md, how much would that cost?

  9. Avatar for Keli marcial Keli marcial says:

    How much for a character show in new Rochelle ny in August 2013?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      1 hour kids party character show = $325 or you can rent a costume for $125 and we ship it to you. thanks! 888 501 4fun

  10. Avatar for Meg Meg says:

    Hi looking for the red ranger to come to my sons party in aug. we live in Bensalem outside Philly.

  11. Avatar for Jose Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez says:

    How much for a power ranger character in Dallas Tx on December 7th?

  12. Avatar for Jose Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez says:

    How much for the red power ranger on Dallas Tx on 12/7/13?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – our kids party costume character rentals are 1 hour $225 or 2 hours $375 thanks! 888 501 4fun

      • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

        Hi – our costume character kids party rentals are 1 hour $225 or 2 hours $375 thanks! 888 501 4fun

  13. Avatar for Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Would like to know if you serve Rancho Cucamonga thanks

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – Yes we do, if you know the date and service you’d like I can check if we are available – thanks! -Jeff 888 501 4FUN

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