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Birthday Party Petting Zoo and Pony Rentals!

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Birthday zoo rentals los angeles kids animal theme parties orange county san jose san franciscoKids Love Petting Zoos! And in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco a petting zoo or pony ride rental is one stress free way for a parent to create a memorable children’s birthday party. No child’s birthday party is complete without an exciting surprise, and what’s more exciting than the fun of a birthday party pony and petting zoo! Always a winner at any children’s birthday party. That’s why FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is so perfect. They can bring a petting zoo to ANY location ANYWHERE in California, from San Diego to San Jose and San Francisco and all points in between.  If you are planning a kid’s party in Los Angeles or Orange County, give them a call or just visit their website for more info!

FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM can bring their mobile petting zoo and pony rides to you! If you think about it, petting zoos are a lot like little parties of their own. They are a mix of different personalities, all eager to discover and play. While there are calmer animals for the more reserved kids at the party who want to observe and experience at a different pace, there are also some energetic animals for the more energetic kids. Younger children and inquisitive kids have access to experience the animals the way that makes them feel comfortable, while the older children can interact on their level. That’s why the petting zoos are so great! Imagine the look on the faces as the kids discover the animals. Getting a chance to not only look at them but actually touch and interact. The sweetness of the animals and the curiosity of the children makes for unforgettable memories. Away from video games and touchscreens, the kids are experiencing real life. Actually interacting with real animals! It’s an event that any child would be happy to invite their friends to. And it’s more than just petting the animals. It’s creating that experience. The smells of dust and feed, the sights of the animals right there in front of them, the sounds of animals communicating as they would on the farm or in nature only adds to the excitement. What child can resist a cuddly animal that they’ve only read about in books or seen on a screen. Petting zoos provide an opportunity for children to make a connection like no other. They learn how gentle animals can be while also creating an unforgettable atmosphere for a fantastic children’s birthday party. Call FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888 ­501 ­4FUN for advice with your next children’s birthday party pony ride or petting zoo rental ANYWHERE in California including Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as in the San Jose and San Francisco bay area!

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