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Birthday Party Magicians are a GREAT kid’s party idea!

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 Congratulations! Your son or daughter is about to celebrate another birthday. Now you just need to figure out what to plan for it. Today’s children have so many more structured activities than existed even twenty years ago, sometimes it can be difficult to choose how to go about it.  Your child’s birthday party is no exception. To verify the gathering is fun and exciting, here are a few tips to keep things running smoothly. And having a birthday party magician at your child’s party in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Jose San Francisco bay area is always a great idea! Magicians for kids parties are available all over California including in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Newport Beach and Laguna Hills!

Here a few tips for planning a magic show for children’s parties:

In case you’re going to hold the gathering at home, make certain to look over each available area to verify the whole space is kid safe. While your child may not be a toddler anymore, some of your visitors may not be. The length of the gathering space should be checked for dangers first and then cleared out for seating. You can almost host a birthday party anyplace, as long as the proper planning and setup is accomplished.

Sometimes renting out a typical “kids party spot” is actually a bad idea.  Indeed, they offer loads of space and amenities, however, these places are often designed to collect parents’ dollars. Think of it like a “casino for kids.” They thrive on emotional purchases to bank in while you’re worried about watching a room full of your and your friends’ children.  Not to mention, other parents have probably already done that same party already, don’t you want to be original?Birthday party magician rental los angeles kids parties magic shows orange county newport beach beverly hills manhattan beach anaheim laguna hills

Lawn birthday gatherings are a heap of fun. Make sure to give a lot of shade during those hot days and that children are properly bundled up in the cold. Have a back-up plan just in case it rains!

Keep your visitor list small enough to handle. If your child is still a toddler or younger and you’re welcoming his or her friends, make certain to welcome their guardians to stay as well. It’s important to emphasize to other parents that particularly young or adventurous kids need their own parent supervising. You’ll be excessively occupied with planning and setting up the gathering, making it very difficult to play sitter to other individuals’ difficult children.

Concerning food and drink, understand that such a variety of young children is sure to include at least one picky eater. Don’t stress over giving a full feast! The children have so much energy it’s probably better they don’t get too much sugar anyway. Also, by restricting the assortment of sustenance you serve, you make it less challenging if you need to accommodate a child with food allergies. Stay far from widely allergenic foods likes peanuts and shellfish. Make sure that children with medications or special circumstances have everything they might need before their parent leaves.

Have a lot of physical activities available to keep the kids entertained. Another one of the best ways to keep children entertained is a live birthday party magic show. Enlist a magician to keep the children cheerful and delighted and have parents talking about it for weeks. A decent birthday party magic show will have plenty of onlookers support, an assortment of traps, and a lot of senseless jokes and quips.

The birthday party magic show ought to begin after the dinner is served and the youngsters are subsided into the gathering environment. It is essential to give kids enough time cool off before the birthday party magic show starts. Toward the beginning of the gathering, kids are exceptionally eager to see one another and their attention span is considerably low. After they’ve had an opportunity to talk with one another, played around and have not eaten too much sugar, its show time.

Keep in mind, birthday party magic shows are not “only for children.” Teenagers still love birthday party magic shows as well. It’s a fun approach to divert them at a Bar Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen. For these gatherings we suggest a walk around entertainer. As opposed to halting the music and moving to watch a show, ask the entertainer walk around the gathering performing sleight of hand tricks table to table.

Follow these steps and have your child’s friends and parents talking about your birthday party magic for weeks to come!

Please call us at 1-888-501-4FUN or email us at for more details.  At The Fun Factory, our motto is “Professional, Reliable- and Friendly!  So let us help you find that “Birthday Party Magic!”




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