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Kid’s Party Character Rentals!

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Hire Children’s Birthday Party Character Entertainers!

Children just love having Kid’s Party Character Rentals! Fun Factory Parties provides you with your kids favorite cartoon characters. Imagine having Dora the Explorer, Elmo or Yo Gabba Gabba party characters (to name a few) arriving in full costume to your child’s birthday party. Fun Factory Parties help you make your child’s dream come true.  Give us a call for great kid’s party rental ideas anywhere in the U.S. including in California cities like Los Angeles, san diego or orange county as well as in San Jose, Sacramento or children’s events in San Francisco.  Call 888-501-4FUN for help planning a terrific child’s birthday!

Kid's Party Character Rentals!Hire Elmo or Dora Explorer for your kid’s birthday party!

The costume character of your kid’s choice will come all dressed up and smiling. He/she will entertain the kids, play games, sing, dance and light up their imagination. Fun Factory Parties are ideal for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are in that magical stage where Dora and Sesame Street are their best friends. Fun Factory Parties operate in most major cities in California, so if you are in Los Angeles, San Hose or San Francisco, your child can have this fun experience.

So if you are looking for fun characters for rental for birthday party, Fun Factory Parties is the way to go! Your child’s party will be the talk of the town. Your child will be a hero in their friends’ eyes. “Susie’s party was the best!” Who doesn’t want to hear that about your child’s party? Choose Fun Factory Parties for your child’s party and throw them a party they will never forget!

Kid’s Party Character Rentals!

sesame street kids party theme rentals orange county california childrens birthday entertainmentElmo/ Cookie Monster and Dora are some of the popular themes for preschooler parties everywhere. It is usually easy to theme all the party supplies, but now it is easy to bring home kids party entertainment too. You can either hire party characters to come to your home or you can do an Elmo/Yo Gabba Gabba costume rental. Any willing adult can play dress up with your child’s favorite cartoon character and entertain the kids. Fun Factory Parties is fast becoming the most popular kids’ party rentals. How can it not be when every kid wants a cartoon theme?
A regular kid’s party has fun and food.

Fun Factory Parties take care of the fun so you can focus on the food! This fun includes singing with Elmo, dancing with Dora or offering a cookie to the Cookie Monster and watching him pass out with excitement. And of course, in this age of instant photo uploading, Fun Factory Parties provide you with lots and lots of photo opportunities. The kids’ party characters will happily pose with all the kids at the party and even the adults, if they wish! The fun is only limited to your imagination, and you will never run out of ideas!


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12 comments on “Kid’s Party Character Rentals!
  1. Avatar for Laura Laura says:

    How much do you charge for a Dora character for a birthday party on Aug 3 2013 in Baldwin Park Ca 91706

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – 1 hour show is $215 thanks! 888 501 4FUN

      • Avatar for Laura Laura says:

        Im interested but can you please tell me what the show consists of?

        • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

          Hi – Dora Explorer will do music / games . balloon animals and face – painting for a kid’s birthday party – thanks! 888 501 4fun

          • Avatar for Laura Laura says:

            Are you able to send me pictures or videos of the Dora during a party? Just so I have an idea of what it looks like. thanks

          • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

            Sure – there are pictures and videos of the dora explorer birthday party rentals for kids on our website FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM thanks 888 501 4fun

  2. Avatar for camille Phelps camille Phelps says:

    How much is it to rent a dora the explorer costume… just the costume

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – you can rent a dora explorer kids party costume character for $125 thanks 888 501 4fun

  3. Avatar for Duy Duy says:

    I would like to hire an elmo or dora explorer costume character to come to my kid’s birthday party. we are in los angeles, california. our party will be in september. can you tell me if you are available and what the price is? thanks

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – we have lots of children’s birthday party costume characters to rent. you can rent the costume, or have a 1 hour show. costume rental is $125 and 1 hour show is $225. Give us a call for parties in los angeles, orange county san jose or san francisco california – thanks!

  4. Avatar for Rachel Rachel says:

    I am interested in renting an ELMO costume for a birthday party. I’m located in Lafayette Hill, PA. Please let me know the pricing for this. Thanks!

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – you can rent a children’s party mascot costume character for $125 thanks 888 501 4FUN

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