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No matter it is a boy’s or a girl’s special birthday party. Fun Factory Parties provider in California can help you organize one of the greatest birthday parties according to the current prevailing themes. is a children’s party entertainment rental company with over 23 years’ experience. They have lots of great ideas for Kid’s Party Entertainment Rentals! Here are some of the fascinating ideas, which will help you, get a memorable party for  your kid.

Choose any party theme you like, Harry Potter, Glamour Girls, Star Wars, Loa in Hawaii, Transformers etc. Include the services of a cartoonist, face painter, kids comedian, party character, country singer, water slide, impersonator like that of Hannah Montana, ventriloquist, Air brush T-shirt artist.

If your teen likes horses and likes the looks of a cowboy, provide children with bandanas or cowboy hats as soon as they arrive to attend the party. On this special occasion make arrangements for western food like meat or BBQ chicken. If you don’t have enough party space, why not take children to the stable?

Make sumptuous cakes in advance, permit children to decorate it and eat it too! Include fixin like sprinkles, frost or jelly to give an incredible flavor. Request guests in the invitation to come in a particular costume you have chosen for the party. Keep your party short anywhere between 11/2 or 2 hours maximum.

Take photographs of boy/girl and guests too. It will be a good idea to take photograph of the area around, this will help you and remind you of the day when you took pains in decorating the area. You will remember it for years.

Call Fun Factory Parties to organize the birthday party of your kid 1-888-501-4FUN.

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