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California Kid’s Party Pony and Birthday Petting Zoo Rentals have never been easier! Fun Factory Parties provider in California says when you decide to have a petting zoo party, age is not a big factor. Even teens can also have a petting zoo party. Petting zoo party can be combined with pony rides. Fun Factory Parties providers who have two decades of experience are of the view that parents usually organize petting zoo party in an effort to introduce children to animals. But when you have finalized to organize a petting zoo party the first and foremost requirement is your kid should have affection for animals. is the USA’s leader in Kid’s Party Pony Petting Zoo Rentals! Here are some of the ideas which will help you to organize a classic petting zoo party.
Duration of the party – When you decide about the petting zoo party for a group of 20 guests an hour is enough to hold the party. Sometimes the party duration could be raised to one and half hour to two hours. So it is a good idea to tie up in advance, if such a situation crop up later.

Decide in Advance which animals to include – Fun Factory Parties provider is of the view that you have to decide in advance which petting zoo animals you intend to hire. For example, you may hire animals like bunnies, chicks, ducks, goats, sheep etc.

Insurance is essential – Some party providers provide insurance for free on the day, when you hire petting zoo from them. Check this from the party provider, whether this facility is for free or there is small amount involved.

Call Fun Factory Parties to organize the birthday party of your kid 1-888-501-4FUN .

Tips for photographing your kid’s Pony Party

Pony rentals for a kid’s birthday party are a dream come true for many children. Photographs of the happy event will be something to treasure forever. But photographing children and ponies isn’t always easy! Ponies and children can be notoriously difficult to photograph together. Here are some tips to ensure that your photos are as memorable as your child’s party.

If you are very tall and the pony is very short, try kneeling or squatting down. Keeping the camera at about the level of the pony’s shoulder will keep your child and pony proportionate in your photo.

Encourage your child to sit up straight on her pony, pull her shoulders back slightly, and SMILE! Instructing your child to push her heels down or point her toes up will ensure good posture. and will keep her from looking awkward in the saddle.  Bolder kids can hold the reins or saddle horn with one hand and wave with the other, which adds a “Wild West” look to your photo – perfect if you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas! They have offices for pony rides and birthday party mobile zoo rentals all over california in places like los angeles orange county newport beach long beach san jose san francisco

Making a “kissy” sound at most ponies will cause them to prick their ears toward the sound and look very attentive.  You may need to be patient and wait until both the child and the pony are both looking at you at the same time. The pony’s handler can help position the pony so that its weight is evenly distributed on all four legs, which will also improve the look of your photo.

For action shots, use a high shutter speed to avoid the pony’s legs being blurred. Plan to take several shots to get one or two good action shots. If the pony handler is walking on the left-hand side of the pony, then stand on the right-hand side so you can get a clear view of your child and the pony’s head.

Keep your camera ready at all times, not just when your child is riding! Candid shots of birthday parties are often everybody’s favorite. Capture photos of the children petting and interacting with the ponies, as well as ones with the child astride. With the professional pony handlers maintaining control of the pony and ensuring safety, you can feel free to put your attention on your camera and getting memorable photos. However, be sure to follow any instructions the handlers give you.

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