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Kids Petting Zoo Rentals!

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Kids Petting Zoo Rentals!


Kids Party Petting Zoo Rentals in Los Angeles are always a great idea for a child’s birthday party entertainment! You can rent a pony for children’s birthday party or hire a petting zoo that includes all kinds of fun and adorable animals for a kids party. Pony Rides are available anywhere in California including san jose , los angeles or San Francisco. You can rent a pony for a child’s party or event in Dallas or Houston, too!

Having a pony at a kids party is a great idea for entertainment for children ages 1 – 8 years old. Kids of all ages will love these cuddly and gentle animals. It doesn’t matter where you have the party or the number of children you will have, kids love animal theme parties and they are always a great idea!

Kids Petting Zoo Rentals!

A great kids party rentals in Orange County or Los Angeles place to go is FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM . They have all your kids party rental needs, including clowns for kids. Plenty of Happy Clowns are available come entertain the children! If you are looking for a petting zoo rental or to rent a pony in Sacramento, you can always call 888-501-4FUN to ask about one of these great animal shows for children’s party. There is all kinds of great kids party entertainment available anywhere in Orange County, Los Angeles or anywhere you are having your children’s party!

Clowns for kids party and petting zoo rentals can be brought to a child’s home, school business or library. If you are looking for a place in San jose to rent a clown or some great party clowns for hire in los angeles, it is easy to find! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has all your kids party needs in one easy place! They even have party frocks for kids and lots of Yo Gabba Gabba theme parties!

Kids Party Petting Zoo rentals in Los angeles are easy. If you are looking to rent a children’s petting zoo for your event, you can call fun factory parties for kids any time. We have plenty of great petting zoo rentals in san jose, orange county, los angeles and san francisco. Our kids party petting zoo rentals are also available in Dallas , Austin and Houston, Texas. You can rent a pony along with your petting zoo rental, too. Kids love to ride their birthday party pony rental, it’s a great idea for all types of entertainment for children.  You can find great kids party rental equipment and rent a pony or petting zoo for your next kids party!

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  1. Avatar for linda linda says:

    Wanted a cost of a pony rental for june 1st @3:00pm

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Price depends what city it’s in. You can see our website for details or call 888 501 4fun thanks

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      Petting Zoos And Pony Rentals For Kids Parties!

      Petting Zoo Rentals for a kids party are always a Hit! Kids love having a pony at their birthday party. It’s easy to Rent Ponies and Petting Zoos for a Children’s birthday party or kids event. Having Animals at a kids party is a magical experience. Kids love animals, and no animal is more precious than a pony for your kid to ride on their birthday. In a state like California which has such great weather, Pony or Petting Zoo rentals for kid’s birthday parties are the perfect way for your child to enjoy a beautiful afternoon children’s event.
      The fun gets even better with our fun and friendly kid’s party petting zoos for hire. In this safe, controlled setting your child and their friends can be introduced and socialized with animals, making for better adjusted and happier adults. Give your child the party of a lifetime by hiring a pony and a petting zoo in California.
      Pony Rides

      Pony rides can be done on any flat surface such as sidewalks or backyards. Our gentle Shetland ponies carry riders up to seventy-five pounds. Both pony rides and zoos come with friendly attendants to assist your children. Our kids party Pony Rentals are perfect for a young childs birthday celebration or event.
      PONY& ZOO
      1 Hour
      1.5 Hours
      2 Hours
      3 Hours
      4 Hours
      5 Hours
      6 Hours
      *Add $125 per hour for each additional pony*

      Petting Zoo

      PETTING ZOO RENTALS come complete with chickens, rabbits,
      ducks, goats and piglets; and require an eight foot by eight foot area for our portable fencing.

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