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Tips for a great Kid’s birthday party!

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Kid’s Party Planning 101 – From Super Mom to Party Diva!


Looks like it’s that time of year again – you have decided to celebrate your child’s birthday party! When organizing a classic birthday party it is essential to plan in advance.  If you’re looking for new and creative ideas to celebrate your children’s party, why not hire professional kid’s party entertainment planners like Fun Factory Parties in California. They have lots of neat Tips for a great Kid’s birthday party! Birthday party planners are experienced in their job and are aware how to organize a memorable party.  For great parties anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange County as well as in San Jose, San Francisco Sacramento or San Diego, give them a call at 888-501-4FUN for ALL your children’s party planning ideas!

With Pinterest, inflatables, theme restaurants, and stores saturated in character adorned items from t-shirts to gum, the standard for birthday parties has greatly increased from the time when we were kids. Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and the hokey pokey are on the list for social suicide and simple blowers and crayons make disappointing party favors. What is a mom to do in this era of more is more? Fear not! Here are a few tips to help you create a memorable party for your little darling:


1) Budget – Before you get started, figure out how much you want to spend. This will help you to plan out everything else for the party like décor, entertainment, food, and favors.
2) Guest list – It’s three months until little Johnny’s birthday and he wants to invite his entire preschool class, soccer team, and all his cousins. The number of people you’re inviting combined with your budget will determine the grandeur of your party.
3) Theme – There is no such thing as going overboard with a theme. From plates to piñatas to costume rentals, you want your child and his guests to feel like they’ve entered another world. What better memory can your child have than meeting Foofa at a Yo Gabba Gabba party or bouncing in a Spiderman inflatable with all of his friends? Fun Factory has a variety of costume rentals, inflatables, and themes to choose from to make your party a stand out!
4) Make a list, check it twice. – A couple weeks before I hold an event, I walk through it from the time my guests arrive until they leave. I see what the room looks like, what supplies I need (like a cake server, candles, matches, tape to attach the cards to the gifts, etc. ), and list everything I need to remember the day of. When the party is rockin’, you’re bound to forget something.

Last of all, have fun! The best way for your guests to have a good time is when the host is having a blast. Relax, mingle, and don’t make things too complicated. Even though you are throwing a party for your son or daughter, you’re making memories for yourself, too!

When organizing a birthday party, make sure you celebrate the event by looking into the convenience of the party guests, not yours. Don’t choose afternoon time for the party, as some toddlers nap at this time.

If you are inviting farm animals ensure you announce in this in the invitation card. This will help people to decide to attend the party as some kids are prone to allergies.

No matter whether you purchase invitation cards from a store or online, do give it a personal touch.

No doubt every parent wants to outperform and can hire a big space to organize the birthday party, but giving them a new look to the venue may come at a price, which most of the parents can’t afford. Make efforts to organize the birthday party at your backyard or a nearby park, if you are on a budget.

Include games at the party which relates to the party theme. During the game, ensure that every child should win at least one prize, this way there will be no crying around and everyone have a peace of mind. Call Fun Factory Parties for more such birthday party ideas 1-888-501-4FUN.

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