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Los Angeles Kid’s Birthday Party Entertainers!

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Los Angeles Kid's Birthday Party Entertainers!

Find Children’s Party Entertainment in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles has lots of great kids party entertainment rentals. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is your number one source to find Los Angeles Kid’s Birthday Party Entertainers!  You can get anything you need for a children’s birthday party, including renting a clown or a magician for child’s parties.  Pony and petting zoos for kids birthday parties are just a phone call away!  FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has been planning entertainment for Los Angeles and Orange County children’s birthday parties for over 20 years. Give them a call for all your party and event rental needs!  888-501-4FUN for birthday parties anywhere in the USA, including in Los Angeles, California as well as children’s event rentals in Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco!

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Kids aren’t always easy to please! Combine the right theme with our easy to rent bounce houses and pony rides and children’s petting zoo rentals for a complete party day. Hire one of our magicians or character costumes to bring professionalism and fun to the celebration.

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Stumped for ideas? Here are four classic party themes for which we have the perfect fit at

  1. Beach Party!

If your little mermaid or merman wants a beach party more than anything, have fun in the sun without leaving the neighborhood! Get their spongy underwater friend or a mermaid princess to come by and party. Add in a bounce house rental or water slide, and a show from our beautiful Happy Birds for the perfect island Fun Factory party!

  1. Day at the County Fair

Have a down home farm party for your little farmhand! Start with some of the best pony rides in the Bay Area, and a petting zoo with baby chicks and bunnies. The kids can grab a snack with one of our popcorn makers for classic old time fun. After that, everyone can jump around in one of our classic themed Bounce Houses to complete the barnyard theme!

  1. Carnival Magic show for Children’s Party

Bring the classic wonder of the carnival home with one of our magicians! Our magicians are all professionals straight from the California Magic Academy with over a decade of experience. Your birthday girl or boy will get the honor of being the magician’s assistant! Keep the magical theme intact with a carnival feel – there’s nothing like cotton candy to remind you of the carnival! Finish off the fun with one of our carousel bounce houses to jump away all that sugar energy.

los angeles magician kids party rental childrens magic show orange county

  1. Superhero Day

Invite a costumed character to host the party to save the day for your birthday hero or heroine! Take a look at to choose one of our 250 friendly faces. Not only will your birthday boy or girl feel like the world’s best sidekick, they can even practice fighting evil with our Bouncy Boxing Ring and Bouncy Boxing Gloves. If they’re more of a bouncer than a fighter, check out one of our many superhero-themed bounce houses! Fuel up after saving the world with hot dogs from one of our convenient hot dog machines for rent.

With our selection, the possibilities are endless. Fun Factory Parties has locations in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as in San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Barbara. We have over 20 years’ experience serving areas all over the country! The only limit to your theme is your imagination. Give us a call at 1-888-501-4FUN to chat about your theme and make your party something special today.

If your little one’s birthday is coming up, you want to make sure that he or she has the most unforgettable experience. A boring, cookie-cutter party with a few deflating balloons and some stale cupcakes just won’t cut it — you want to give your beloved boy or girl only the best of the best. It is their big day, after all!

An easy way to ensure that the birthday party will be a big hit is to provide the children with top-notch entertainment. Their brains should always be busy with something! If your kids are tired of the same old clowns, you might want to consider something a little different. Luckily, you do have a great option: you can hire a magician to put on a magic show for kids. Your little ones will be delighted when the magician pulls a bunny out of a hat, performs incredible tricks with a deck of cards or makes an object — or even better, a person — disappear into thin air. A magician can bring some real joy to your party!

By the end of the day, it won’t only be the children who will be wowed with the many crazy, unbelievable magic tricks — you will find that you yourself will be pretty impressed, too. You and your kids might even want to learn how to perform some magic yourselves!

Are you at a loss about where to find the perfect magician? Don’t fret! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is here for you. All you need to do is call 888-501-4FUN and we will help you find the entertainer of your child’s dreams. We offer only the top magicians for kids in the country. You can find us in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

We — and our magicians — look forward to hearing from you!

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