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Rent a Doc McStuffins mascot costume birthday party character!

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Rent a Doc McStuffins mascot costume birthday party character!Boys and girls all over America have fallen in love with Doc McStuffins and Lambie, the most popular children’s birthday party characters to come along in years! Parents who are looking for great ideas to entertain their children at a Doc McStuffins theme birthday party have come to the right place. has been offering Doc McStuffins mascot costume rentals for over five years. It’s easy to rent a Doc McStuffins mascot costume, along with her best friend Lambie. If you are having a Doc McStuffins or Lambie theme birthday party and are looking for great entertainment rental ideas, give a call at 888501 for fun.

You can rent a Doc McStuffins birthday party character to come to your child’s party, or you can rent a doc McStuffins mascot costume in adult sizes end have the kids receive a visit from Doc McStuffins or Lambie in person. It’s easy to order a Doc McStuffins costume rental online, all you have to do is visit and click on costume rentals. It takes less than five minutes to place your order. You will receive an email with a UPS tracking number which will let you know exactly what date your doc McStuffins costume will be arriving.

Rent lambie mascot costume kids birthday party character rentals doc mcstuffins los angeles san jose san francisco orange countyIf you would like to rent a Lambie costume, you can place your order online at the same time. Doc McStuffins and Lambie mascot costume rentals are hundred and $45 each. The mascot costume rentals will arise at your house 2 to 3 days prior to your event. To return your doc McStuffins or Lambie mascot costume, simply drop it off at your local UPS store on the Monday after your event. Easy! If you live in California in cities like Los Angeles, Orange County or the San Jose or San Francisco area, you can arrange to hire a live doc McStuffins birthday party character rental to come entertain the children at your event. A real live doc McStuffins party character can come visit the children at their party, and play games, sing songs and of course sing happy birthday and cut the cake. There are plenty of great ideas available for any doc McStuffins birthday! Doc McStuffins is available to visit children at parties in Orange County or Los Angeles California, along with birthdays in San Francisco or the San Jose area. Whatever your birthday party plans, call or email fun factory for help in making your children’s birthday party I hit!

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