Minion children’s party costume character rentals!

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children's party costume character rentalsGive your little darling the surprise of their life. How, you ask? By throwing them a surprise Despicable Me themed birthday party (complete with little minions)!! We’re sure you’re going to become the parent of the decade in your child’s eyes if you throw them a party they’ll never forget. And do you know what the best part would be? A REAL LIFE MINION to wish your child a very happy birthday on their special day.

And do you know who can make the impossible, possible for you? That’s right – FunFactoryParties.Com! We provide our clients with the best children’s party costume character rentals at the most affordable prices. Not only this, but we also provide you details and help regarding intricate details like planning the event, invitations for children, decorations, games and so much more.

For example, A Despicable Me themed party would be all about the colors blue, black, white and canary yellow. You can have balloons and streamers all over your house (or your garden) in the same colors, along with your child’s birthday cake. OR you can use yellow balloons to draw minion faces on them. How cute would that be?

If you don’t live in San Diego, don’t worry. We offer our services to people living in nearby areas like Spring Valley, Lakeside and Granite Hills because we believe in making every child’s birthday as special as we can. We provide rentals all over the USA for as little as $145. Make sure you call us at 888 501 4 FUN well in advance to reserve your minion mascot rental. Otherwise, it would be a huge disappointment for your child, and we would hate for that to happen. Our children’s party costume character rentals are designed such that an adult of 6”2’ and weighing 220 pounds can easily fit in it.

Delivery will be the least of your concerns as FunFactoryParties ensures every mascot is delivered to any city across America via UPS, right at your doorstep. They’re fresh and unused, and are ready to wear. So really, what are you waiting for? Go through our website for more character rentals if you want a larger variety to choose from. You can also go through the various services we have to offer our clients. Give your child the party of their life!






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One comment on “Minion children’s party costume character rentals!
  1. Avatar for Hank Hank says:

    Thanks again for the amazing minion costume that made my twins party something truly special.
    It was a great laugh getting to wear the suit as well, i thought i made a pretty good minion 😉

    Will probably be back here same time next year for the twins party once more!!


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