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Minions Adult Size Mascot Costume Rentals!

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Rent Minions Adult Size Mascot Costume Rentals!What is one of the hottest new birthday party costume characters to come along in the past 5 years? The Minions from Despicable Me! Both children and adults just LOVE these adorable and slightly off – beat characters. The humor and fun of the Minions appeals to people of all ages. Kids love the goofy cartoon behavior and adults like the silly but sophisticated humor. And the cool thing is, that if you are looking for some great birthday party entertainment ideas for your child’s next party, makes it super easy to rent Minions Adult Size Mascot Costume Rentals!

Minions mascot costume rentals come in either the one eye or the two eyed version. Lots of people choose to get 2 Minion characters for their party. You can either order 2 of the same character, or like most people who order more than one Minion mascot rental you can get one of each. You also have the option of either renting the Minions costume for an adult to wear or if you’d prefer, you can hire a LIVE Minions birthday character to appear at your child’s party! That’s always a lot of fun, makes great memories and plenty of terrific pictures!Rent adult size Minions Despicable Me birthday party costume characters

Adult size Minions Despicable Me mascot rentals will fit any adult up to 6’4 inches tall. They are basically one size fits all and fit easily over the head. They are comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. You can order a Minions costume rental online at FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM or if you prefer, you can schedule a Minions birthday party costume character to make an appearance at your event. For parents who live in California such as Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego you can call at 888 501 4FUN to schedule your Minions birthday character. Minions are also available in San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area as well as new branches in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Minions costume rentals are available anywhere in the USA, and can be shipped to a home, school or place of business.  So if you are planning a Minions theme children’s birthday party, get ready to have a great time!

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