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Orange County Happy Clown Rentals Kid’s Birthday Party!

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Orange County Happy Clown Rentals Kid’s Birthday Party!

Find a GREAT Children’s Birthday Party Clown Rental ANYWHERE in Los Angeles or Orange County, CA!  

Clown rental los angeles kids party orange county childrens birthday parties entertainment rentalsThrow a Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget!Orange County Happy Clown Rentals Kid's Birthday Party! Rent birthday parties clown entertainers magicians rentals childrens birthday magic shows Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Orange County California, if you’ve got kids, you’ve got birthdays! And birthdays mean parties. And parties don’t have to mean stress, hassle and work! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is  a great place to find Orange County Happy Clown Rentals Kid’s Birthday Party! They make it easy to rent birthday parties clown entertainers  as well as magicians rentals for kids. You can hire a great clown in the Orange County or OC area or any type of  children;s birthday magic shows. Planning a great children’s birthday party can be FUN for you, as well as for your child! There are plenty of easy ways you can throw your child a birthday party without breaking the bank, or leaving your sanity behind.  One of the best ideas to entertain children is to hire a happy clown to come to their birthday party. Clowns can do all kinds of great tricks like make balloon animals and do terrific face – painting, as well as magic tricks and kid’s party games.  Kid’s Party clown rentals in Los Angeles or Orange County are easy. Just give us a call at 888-501-FUN to arrange all your children’s birthday party entertainment needs. We have the best clowns available anywhere in California, with over 20 years’s experience planning children’s parties for kids ages 1 – 100!Rent happy clowns los angeles kids birthday party

Here are some simple tips to help with planning your next kid’s birthday party:

Choose a theme. There’s a million and one themes you can choose from for your child’s birthday parties, but some are easier to work with than others. For example, you could choose a circus theme. Clown rentals for children’s party fun are available in many locations. Another choice would be to go with a favorite cartoon character. Dora the Explorer, Elmo, and whatever-the-hottest-kids’-movie-of-this-year-is are all sure to bring smiles and happy faces.

los angeles girl clowns kids party rentals orange county childrens birthday parties can help you hire a clown and plan children’s party entertainment rental activities, more than you need. Hiring a magician for kids to put on a magic show for children at the party might not be in your budget, but you can find other ways of producing magical fun without resorting to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Perhaps learn a few tricks yourself. Bring out the costumes and put on a dress up pageant. If you’re the crafty type, engage the children in creating their own party hats, or other favors. Plan games – sack races, three-legged race, a watermelon seed spitting contest. Just have more planned than you’ll have the time to do. Why? Because you never know when something might flop and you’ll be left with a crowd of bored, disgruntled children on your hands. Having something else to do instead will eliminate the problem of “What do we do now?”
· Eat last. Many parents make the mistake of bringing out the cake and ice cream FIRST, then proceeding with the party. This leaves them with a bunch of sugar-fueled kids on their hands. Regardless of how many, or how much fun, the theme and activities are, dealing with 12 bouncing, hyper children is a recipe for doom and disaster. Eating last keeps the kids focused on the fun, not the sugar high.los angeles clown rentals kids party orange county childrens birthday parties entertainment
· Keep favors simple and cheap. Many parents go overboard on the party favors and end up spending far too much than is necessary. Having the children make something to take home is much more creative, fun and inexpensive than buying each one a bag full of junky items or more candy. Make or buy the bags or containers to match the theme, but then keep the rest simple, if you must do goodie bags. Crayons, pencils, notebooks, sticker sheets, puzzles – these encourage creativity and imagination. Leave the Spiderman bubble stuff in the store next to the movie-themed plastic whistles. Your ears, and your guests’ parents, will most likely thank you for it.
Throwing your child a birthday party to remember need not be expensive or stressful. It’s not the money in the moment, but the memories, that make the party something to remember.


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