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Pony rides for kid’s birthday parties are one of the best ideas around. Kids loving having a birthday party pony or petting zoo come to their event. This type of package is also great for a school, church or corporate event. Ponies and petting zoos are safe and friendly, and include a friendly and professional staff member who will assist the kids in handling, touching and feeding the animals.

The right age to hire a pony or petting zoo for a child’s birthday party is usually around 2 to 10. Kids under 2 may not get as much out of the experience of having a pony or zoo at their party, and kids over 10 sometimes begin to lose interest in activities of this type. Also, once kids get to be around 10 and older they start to become to large to be able to ride on the pony, so the benefit of having the pony at the party is lessened. In general a party pony can accomodate children weighing up to 85 pounds. So for boys this is about 10, for girls maybe closer to 11 but of course it all depends on the particular child.

You can get birthday party packages that combine both the pony ride and the petting. In this case you might have 2 different staff members to supervise the children and animals. One staff person will lead the kids riding on the pony, while the other will supervise them with the petting zoo area. It’s possible to set up a safe, simple petting zoo in a home, school, backyard or parking lot. The zoo can accomodate different size areas, depending on the amount of space you have and the number of children that will be present at the party.

Call Fun factory parties for questions or advice on any type of kid’s party entertainment. Offices in los angeles, san jose, san francisco, orange county, san diego , dallas and houston texas.

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“Hello Friends! My name is Sunshine and I am a pony who got to play with many happy boys and girls at a Fun Factory party in Orange County. I love my job as a nice riding pony. I let children of all ages ride on my back, pet my short mane, and I ride with them all around the party as they squeal with delight. I don’t ride too fast, and never ride too slow, so off we go on our magical pony ride at the Fun Factory children’s birthday party. Kids love to ride on my back and I am a very gentle pony too. My children’s birthday Fun Factory party in Orange County was lots of fun. I hope I can play Knights of the Pony or Princess on a Pony at your next birthday party very soon. See you at the next Fun Factory party!”

Hi Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Nannies – we are the Fun Factory and we specialize in theme parties for children of all ages. Our pony rides are safe, fun and exciting at our Fun Factory parties. We specialize in children’s birthday party rentals, and pony rides are popular for children of all ages. You may bring your bike helmet for your child to use while riding the pony, but you will not necessarily need to have your child wear a helmet. All children are accompanied on the pony rides by two staff members, one on each side, for the entire duration that the child is riding the pony. Our ponies are small, gentle and graceful, and we walk very slowly around the venue to give your child the best experience working with the pony.

Pony rides are fun for children of all ages. Riding on a pony helps to give children an appreciation of horses, shows them what it is like to be up close to a pony and allows them to make friends with the pony in a safe environment. Some children overcome shyness after having ridden our ponies, as they are able to talk about the pony ride for days, weeks and months to come with others and are able to express the fun they had riding our ponies. Other children develop a real love for animals and may want to read books about ponies, or even pursue a career as a veterinarian one day to help all animals as a result of one of our pony ride rentals!

Ponies like Sunshine and others want to make friends with the children at the birthday party, and will be a memorable addition to your child’s next birthday party event. Add memories to your child’s life by booking the Fun Factory as your next party rental. You will want to take extra photos of all of the children on the pony rides to later share with friends and to show your child when reliving the best moments of his or her childhood. Call today for details, our pony party rentals get booked quickly, reserve your pony party rental today. See you soon at the next Fun Factory birthday party event!

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