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Children’s Party Petting Zoo Rentals and Pony Rides are GREAT for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

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Do you have a child that’s infatuated with animals? Maybe a little girl that loves pony rides? You should consider adding a petting zoo to your child’s birthday celebration.  If you are having a child’s birthday party in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco or Orange County CA you can easily rent a pony ride or animal theme kid’s party petting zoo.  Not only will the children enjoy spending time with animals, they will learn how to properly connect with various species. Petting zoo animals are domesticated breeds with a few wild species. Either way these animals are completely docile.  FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has been the leader in children’s petting zoo rentals since 1992! Give them a call at 888-501-4FUN to arrange all your kid’s party rental needs! We bring our friendly children’s pony rides and mobile petting zoo rentals to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego – Anywhere you are planning your next great kid’s birthday party!

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All children love attending birthday parties. They can barely wait to get there and play games and eat the cake and ice cream. Throw in a petting zoo and your birthday party will be the talk of the town! There is something magical about animals and children. Let the Fun Factory, Texas’s premier petting zoo service, bring that magic to your backyard!

Fun Factory Parties offers you ponies along with the ever popular petting zoo. We specialize in fun animal theme parties in Texas including the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. We all want our children’s birthdays to be memorable and a pony and petting zoo guarantees you plenty of laughter, smiles and treasured memories. Our popular petting zoo comes complete with chickens, rabbits, ducks, goats and piglets. The zoo does require a eight foot by eight foot area for our portable fencing.

petting zoo rental san francisco kids party pony ride rent ponies childrens birthday parties san jose sacramento los angeles Petting zoo’s are a guaranteed birthday party hit! Just imagine the children’s faces when they see their own personal petting zoo set up for their entertainment! The kids and their parents will be amazed that you have friendly farm animals in your backyard! Children and adults alike love to feel the many different textures of the animal’s fur and feathers. Be sure to have your camera ready for once in a lifetime photo opportunities!

Our petting zoo comes with clean and loveable animals, a professional and friendly staff who not only set up, but also clean up afterwards. Our petting zoo provides a fun, relaxing environment to make your child’s birthday an unforgettable experience for young and old alike. The zoo comes with food and kibble so the children can feed the animals by hand. Fun Factory parties can accommodate 1 to 1,000 party guests!

Our professional and friendly staff interact with the kids, they show them how to pet, hold, feed, and play with the animals. The staff will answer any questions that your guests may have.

Our parties are very unique and our promise to you is a simple one:

– Clean, safe animals

– Complete “mess” clean up

-Experienced staff

– Fully licensed and insured for your protection

– Great entertainment value

Laughter and smiles everywhere!

As parents ourselves, we are committed to giving one hundred percent to every birthday party we set up. So order the Fun Factory petting zoo for your child’s next birthday by doing so you are guaranteed a party that they will never forget!


Finding a Petting Zoo for Your Child’s Birthday Party:

A petting zoo is also called a children’s farm. The child-friendly zoo is typically located in large zoos and city parks. However, you can contact an independent petting zoo to inquire about mobile services.
These businesses are always prepared to entertainment youngsters at children’s events. You can obtain information about these services from a professional magician as well. The magician must be well-versed in children’s events, and have a record of success related to child-oriented entertainment.

Animal and Child Interactions

The animals at petting zoos are herbivorous, which means that consume plant-based material. Children are encouraged to interact with the domesticated animals through physical touch and feeding.
The children will be given detailed instructions in regards to appropriate behavioral techniques. The instructor will most likely use the tell-show-do technique, which is frequently utilized by pediatric dentists.

Unlike traditional zoos, children are allowed to have consistent contact with petting zoo animals. The most common animals used for petting zoos include ponies, sheep, rabbits, and goats. Although, it is rare for San Francisco petting zoos to have wild species, some will allow children to interact with baby tigers and lions.

You can obtain information about San Francisco petting zoo services by contacting a children’s event specialist. The professional will provide details relating to additional services, costs, and availability.

You are encouraged to ask questions to avoid potential misunderstandings. A children’s event is a drama free zone filled with love and laughter. Your child’s happiness should be the primary concern before, during, and after the event.



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