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There are so many birthday party themes to choose from, when you plan to organize the birthday party for  your kid. One such popular birthday party theme is hiring ponies. has terrific Pony Ride Children’s Party Rentals! You can rent a birthday party pony or children’s mobile zoo rental in los Angeles Orange County San Jose or San Francisco. Kids love animals, as these are gentle creatures. By just mentioning that you are going to organize a pony ride birthday party will spark a sort of new feeling in the mind of kids.Pony Ride Children's Party Rentals! los angeles orange county san jose

Fun Factory Parties, entertainment party provider in California, has completed over 25,000 shows. They are pioneer in organizing birthday party themes on a wide array of themes. They say pony ride will be an excellent choice in a kid’s birthday.
You can organize this party in a park or even at your spacious backyard. However, party at park is recommended. You can start sending the pony birthday party invitations at least two weeks in advance. This will help the parents about what to expect at the party and they can pre-arrange all the things like costumes etc for the party.

On majority of occasions a pony party includes around two ponies. One of the staff members of Fun Factory Parties would always be there to accompany the kids on their ride. Rides for ponies can be arranged on sidewalk, park, long driveway, schoolyard, field etc. To make the event more joyous ponies could also be dressed in gorgeous costume according to the theme of the party. On this occasion you can also arrange a clown from Fun Factory Parties, who will help children to have some laughter as they wait for their pony ride.
To make the party more fun you can choose a party theme which will go along the pony ride theme. Like you can select pirates party theme, in this theme kids will dress up as a pirate and the birthday child will receive an eye patch with a pirate hat. As a party favor you can give pirate pony certificate to each child.

You can also choose a cowboy party theme along with pony ride. The birthday child will receive a cowboy hat and sheriff’s badge in this theme. The costume of the day would be cowboy or cowgirl.

Watch for more birthday party ideas in this blog by Fun Factory Parties.

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