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Rent mobile petting zoos and pony rides for your child's birthday party!

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mobile petting zoos pony rides rental los angeles san jose san francisco Animal themed birthday party rentals are one of the best entertainment choices available. Kids ages one  to 11 love to visit with animals. Having a children’s event and renting a mobile petting zoo or birthday party pony ride can be one of the rest children’s birthday party ideas available.

Parents who live in the Los Angeles, Orange County or San Jose and San Francisco bay area can easily rent a children’s birthday party mobile petting zoo or pony ride. Pony rides and petting zoo rentals are available for for a birthday party, school or corporate event. Fun factory has been providing children’s birthday party mobile petting zoos and ponies for children’s parties since 1992. They have the knowledge and the professional staff to make any animal themed birthday party a hit.

Children’s party petting zoos can be set up at home in a front yard or backyard, and pony rides can be done anywhere that is safe. Homes, schools parks churches or businesses are all great venues to have a heading zoo or pony rental. Los Angeles, Orange County or San Jose are great places to have an animal themed children’s birthday party. Birthday party ponies are a great idea for a children’s party because they are fully self-contained, parents don’t need to worry about anything other than providing a place for the pony or zoo to be set up. Fun factory takes care of everything from start to finish. They also do all the cleanup necessary after the mobile zoo has been completed. Parents will get plenty of great pictures, and all the children will go away with great memories. pony rides and petting zoo rentals are good for parties from anywhere from five up to 500 guests. Mobile petting zoos come in a variety of sizes. If your party will only have a few children, you can rent a small zoo that is 10 x 10′. Fun factory parties has also done events with over 10,000 children, and we can create a zoo that is up to 50 ft.² and can hold between 75 to 100 children at a time. Pony rides can be adjusted in size as well. Parents can order one pony for an hour, or if you are having a large corporate event you can rent a pony wheel with up to a dozen ponies and habits on your site for the entire event day. There are plenty of great options available. Call fun factory, and have a great party!

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