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Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals!

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Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals!

Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals! kids parties pony rides rent pony petting zoo san jose san francisco los angeles newport beach californiaKids love pony parties! And owning one is every child’s dream and fantasy. is the Los Angeles and Orange County leader in Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals! Their kids parties pony rides and mobile zoo rentals are the best in the business. You can rent a pony or petting zoo anywhere in California including in the San jose and San Francisco bay area. For Los Angeles and orange county ponies rides rentals you can find them in L.A. cities like Hollywood, Anaheim and Newport beach California. is your number one place to find pony rides and petting zoo rentals for a child’s birthday party, school or corporate event!

Why not surprise your child a pony ride party on his birthday? Pony Rides and mobile Petting Zoo Rentals for Children are a fun and easy kid’s birthday party entertainment idea! If you are planning a kid’s birthday party in the Los Angeles , Orange County or San Francisco Bay Area, it’s fun and easy to rent a kid’s birthday party pony ride or children’s animal petting zoo! Give FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM a call at 888 501 4FUN (4386) for all your children’s party pony needs!  You can rent a pony ANYWHERE in California including Sunnyvale, Riverside or Palo Alto or Redwood City / San Mateo.  We go ANYWHERE kids need fun!

Imagine. Your child is in a cowboy dress. He is sitting upright, riding a beautiful pony. He is excitedly waving at you with a big smile on his face. Isn’t that one moment that you want to hold to your heart forever? The other children at this special event are also excited for their turn. Some are feeding the ponies and some talk about the ponies. Others are having fun grooming them too. Aren’t all these scenes perfect in celebrating your child’s birthday? has the experience and expertise you need to find the very best Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals!

Planning and organizing the pony theme party in Los Angeles can be a challenging task for every parent. The preparation is a hard work and time consuming. This involves a lot of shopping, cooking, organizing, planning the programs as well as looking for pony to borrow. You will need to hire people to handle these ponies during the event too. This is sometimes daunting because it involves the safety of the children. These are only few reasons that parents are encouraged to consider the pony rentals for kids’ birthday parties to the Fun Factory.

Here are some other factors why you should consider renting ponies to us:

Trained pony. If you are not a horseman and do not know anything about the horses, consider pony rentals. We have beautiful and trained ponies for you.

Trusted handlers. Planning, groceries, cooking, designing, sending out invitations are too much to handle in one event. You don’t need to worry about hiring handlers. We provide trained handlers.

Stress-free pony ride event. Your child’s dream of having pony party is finally coming true. We believe that parents deserve to enjoy the party too.

Fun and exciting pony games. We know exciting pony games that kids are going to love and the young at hearts too!

Many options available to add to the party.

Pony ride parties are best at the We also provide petting zoo rentals – a perfect match, added attractions to your pony party. Call us and let us help you plan a truly memorable pony birthday party for your child.

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