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Pony Rides and Petting Zoo Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

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pony rides petting zoo rentals

Make your child’s party picture frame-memorable—with a pony or petting zoo!

Does your child love animals? Are they fascinated by pets? When you’re at the park and you suddenly feel your child pulling at your arm, is there a good chance they have a dog in their sights?
Most children adore animals. It puts a smile on their faces. So, what better way to show your child how special they are then letting them romp with an animal they may have never seen before? Not just a dog or a cat, but a pony? How about a birthday petting zoo for your next children’s event? Call FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888-501-4FUN for parties anywhere in California. We go anywhere – Los Angeles, San Diego San Francisco San Jose and Orange County!  rent ponies mobile petting zoos
Imagine covering your child’s eyes and leading them outside to your own backyard—no travel, no hassle—then whipping your hands away and hearing them squeal in delight to see their new animal friend for the day?
If you live in Southern California, anywhere in the Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego areas, this could be your party, YOUR happy child getting to pet, play with—and, yes, RIDE—a furry, lovable pony.
And we take care of it all! Along with your pony comes professional, trained staff who will take care of the animal for the event, making sure your child gets the most out of their special day. They will take care of the pony AND the event, so you can relax and watch your child make memories .
Don’t be concerned about safety. All our ponies are just the size for children, and can be ridden by a child up to 75 pounds. All our beautiful, playful ponies are clean, safe and well-trained.
Whether you live in Santa Ana, Anaheim or Glendale, our party service comes to you. We can bring a pony to your house, a church, a park—just ask! We do everything from small birthday parties to large corporate events.
So if you want to make your child’s special day all the more memorable, or if you have a larger event that needs some clean, engaging children’s entertainment, fill out the comment section directly below to get started! We can give you a very reasonable quote quickly. Just let us know the date, time and city (Santa Monica, Chula Vista, La Jolla, MOST places in Southern California…just ask) and one of our party professionals will contact you and you can be on the way to a party that will be a fond memory for your child for years.


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