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Princess and the Frog Party Favor Ideas

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Which parent wouldn’t like to implement a theme based on Princess and the Frog Party for their sweet girl child? has lots of great Princess and the frog party favor ideas! Even younger kids would be curious to come to this party because it will give time to showcase their jewelry and shiny treasures on this occasion. And you as a host have to shower pretty favors based on this theme of Princess and Frog Party. You can create your own Mardi Gras mask or ask the girls in the party to create their own Mardi Gras mask and take them home as a party favor. But wait, to instill competition, ask them one of the prettiest and dazzling Mardi Gras mask will be rewarded with a special prize. This way you can have an amazing time at the party.

You can also convert Princess and the Frog Party Cups into beautiful favors. You can fill these cups with some Kiwi Green Crinkle Cut Shred and top it with a Princess and the Frog Lip Gloss Necklace, Hearts and Flowers Pencil, Wooly Frog rings etc. This way your guests would be happy to use these precious cups time and again at their home.

You can also prepare/purchase the containers in different shapes and styles, which are to be used for party favors, and decorate them with different colors. You can also include purple Nerds, Wonka Mixup Candy, Kiddie Candy Mix in these party favors. To make these containers more attractive you can add Silver Princess Wands, flower pencils etc. There are more such ideas which Fun Factory Parties would be pleased to inform you when you hire their services.

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