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Rent a Cotton Candy Machine for a Kid’s Birthday Party!

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Rent a Cotton Candy Machine for Kid's Birthday Party!If you are planning a children’s birthday party or special event for kids, you are probably looking for some easy ideas to be able to give your guests snacks without a lot of preparation or messy cleanup. One of the best ideas around is to Rent a Cotton Candy Machine for a Kid’s Birthday Party! offers refreshment machine rentals for children’s birthday parties, school and corporate events all over California! You rent rent all different types of refreshment machines for birthday parties, including cotton candy and snowcone machine rentals as well as popcorn and hotdog machines. can deliver their fun and easy to use cotton candy machines for kid’s birthday parties ANYWHERE in California, including in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as the San Francisco and San Jose bay area. Give them a call at 888 501 4FUN for pricing and info.snowcone machine rentals kids birthday party

Cotton candy machine rentals are easy to use.  Fun Factory will deliver your refreshment machine rental in the morning on the day of your event, usually about 3-4 hours prior to your event start time. Cotton candy and snowcone machines sit easily on a table top or kitchen counter.  All you have to do to operate the machine is plug it into any standard wall outlet. The cotton candy and snowcone machine rentals are simple to operate. For the cotton candy, all you have to do is use simple table sugar, turn on the machine and simply spin the sugar onto a paper cone. provides the paper cones and the food coloring to turn the cotton candy pink or blue. All you have to provide is a small bag of ordinary table sugar. A 10 pound bag of sugar makes about 50-60 regular size servings or cotton candy.

For the snowcone machine rental, Fun Factory includes the paper cones to scoop the ice into and flavored syrups in 3-5 different flavors. You supply ice, usually a 10 pound bag of ice is enough for 50 to 60 servings. Refreshment machine rentals like snowcone, cotton candy and popcorn machines are a great way to easily keep large groups of children well fed, with minimum hassle during the party. No need to run around bringing out trays of food or clearing dishes. Most of the time kids can easily serve themselves. Many people even have one of the younger party guests operate the cotton candy machine and serve the other children. is the only call you need to make if you are looking for a place to Rent a Cotton Candy Machine for a Kid’s Birthday Party!

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