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Rent a Trackless Train for a Child’s Birthday Party!

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Rent a Trackless Train for a Child's Birthday Party Orange CountyIf you are looking for a great kid’s birthday party idea and want the latest hot birthday party rental item, suggests you Rent a Trackless Train for a Child’s Birthday Party! Kids parties train rides rentals are popular all over California. Fun Factory has children’s trains for rent in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area. There are birthday party train rentals available in Stockton, Palo Alto or Sacramento as well. Anywhere you are planning a child’s party and looking to rent a trackless train ride, Fun Factory can accommodate! Give them a call at 888 501 4FUN for help with arranging your next birthday party party train ride rentals orange county

Children’s party train rides are a great way to keep larger groups of children entertained at an event. They are great for birthday parties, school and corporate events. Children’s trains are also a big hit at store openings and anniversaries as well as any type of carnival or festival. A children’s party train can usually hold 15 – 20 passengers, either children by themselves or a mixture of kids and parents together. So if you are planning an event with 15 or more kids, renting a children’s train ride is a great option.

Train rides can be operated on a hard, flat surface. Concrete is by far the best option. It is possible to operate the train on an indoor surface such as a hardwood floor, but keep in mind that it leaves the possibility of scratches or scuffs being left behind. Grass is an acceptable surface for the train as long as the surface underneath is solid.  If you are planning on operating the train rental outdoors on a surface street, that is an appropriate place to run the train ride but it’s always a good idea to check with the city as to any permits that might be necessary. Trains can run on a regular city street but of course safety is the biggest consideration, so take into account how much traffic will be expected in the area you plan to have the train rental in operation.

Party train rentals for kids have different rates, depending on the date, time and location of the event. If you would like an exact quote as to how much it will cost to rent a train for a kid’s birthday party or holiday event, you can call Fun Factory at 888 501 4FUN or send an email. An email quote is best because it provides the date, time and location of the event and can give more specific information as to exactly what the train ride rental rate would be. It’s easy to rent a trackless train if you have the right source available. Fun Factory is happy to help, so give them a call for your next train theme birthday party!

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