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Like everyone, children have different likes and dislikes. But even though that’s true, a majority of children have one dream that is the same – the dream of riding on a pony. If you think your child also shares this dream, it would be a great idea for their coming birthday party if you can opt for a horse, pony or petting zoo related children’s birthday party theme. If you choose Fun Factory Parties for Kids (in Orange County, Anaheim and Tustin, California) for renting a pony for your child’s birthday party, you will be very happy with both the quality of the service as well as the rate you receive for your children’s party petting zoo rental or pony ride for kids birthday parties. makes it easy to Rent Children’s Party Pony Rides! Renting a pony or petting zoo for a kids party is a great way to teach children good habits about riding horses and being around animals from an early age, which will definitely give them confidence later in life.

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Ponies for kids to ride at birthday parties now-a-days are becoming a major party trend due to interaction involved between the children and the animals. For example, apart from enjoying the birthday party children can get horse related sports lessons on horse riding says Fun Factory Parties for Kids. The horse rides will definitely captivate your kid. One staff member from Fun Factory Parties is always there to look after your child at the venue, and insure the fun and safety of all the children during your pony rental time period.

For those youngsters who might be too small, or have fears about riding the horse, they can enjoy sitting on one of our fun rented carousels. Carousels have cars that look like real horses you would have seen at various amusement parks and malls. Very young kids love these ride so much. Even if you are arranging for real ponies, don’t forget to hire a carousel also says Fun Factory Parties.

When you choose a horse related birthday party theme, don’t forget to add decorations related to the theme. You can purchase all the party supplies related to the theme from Fun Factory Parties online store.   Fun factory parties for kids has been providing outstanding children’s party planning and kids party rentals for the USA since 1992! Offices all over including in California in Orange County as well as Los Angeles and San francisco kids party pony rentals. Now serving Texas for children’s petting zoo birthday party rentals and ponies. Offices for children’s party planning in Dallas, Houston and now in Austin . NEW office for kids parties in Chicago!    childrens party rental petting zoo los angeles rent pony kids birthday parties orange county san jose san francisco sacramento

Apart from horse based birthday party theme, you can also hire petting zoos from Fun Factory Parties which will add attraction to a party.  Petting zoos for children’s birthday parties are a terrific idea to keep kids happy and entertained during your event. Petting zoos include a delightful assortment of cute and small animals, such as chickens, rabbits, ducks, baby goats or guinea pigs. We can also add puppies or larger animals such as sheep.  Kids love to play with the animals in our petting zoos!  The zoo will also include a Fun Factory staff member, who will supervise the children during the entire process, and help them touch, pet and even feed the animals.  We provide all the necessary equipment, including a fenced in area to keep the animals safe and secure on your property. We do all the zoo set up and preparation, and stick around after the rental to thoroughly clean up after the animals. you don’t have to worry about a thing when renting a pony ride or petting zoo, we will take care of everything!

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