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Rent a Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Character!

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If you have chosen the theme of Dora the Explorer for your kid’s party it is time to rent a children’s birthday costume character of Dora The Explorer kid’s party cartoon mascot character from Fun Factory Parties, children’s birthday party equipment and kids party rental providers in California, Texas, Chicago Seattle and Arizona. They make it easy to Rent a Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Character!

The costume is available in different colors most often simple pink is the color of Dora’s shirt. The shirt has rounded collar and short sleeves. The pants for Dora Explorer’s Costume are orange as small frills at the edges add charm. While Dora’s shoes are available in white, don’t forget to get yellow filly socks which should match the shoes.

If your girl child wishes to imitate Dora explorer and even wants to follow the hair style for Dora The Explorer, you can rent or buy a wig for this purpose. But if your child already has the same or similar hair style, there is nothing to worry about. Arrange her hair in a Dora theme style with all hair pins and clips intact.
When thinking about the costume of Dora The Explorer, give some thought to her beaded bracelet, which contains a yellow flower located in the center. Check if have looked over every detail about Dora’s costume, says Fun Factory Parties Kids party costume rental and children’s entertainment provider in California. Yes, we forgot to mention about Dora’s trusty backpack! Dora’s costume will be incomplete without her backpack. You can fill Dora Explorer’s backpack with toys, games, maps, binoculars, candies and other creative things which you may think of yourself or get ideas for Dora Explorer theme kid’s birthday party rentals online.


Apart from this you can ask the guests at the party to be in the costume of Dora or one of her friends like Boots, the Fiesta Trio or Diego. There are other characters also in the show like Senor Toucan, the Grumpy Old Troll or Big Red Chicken. Moreover, the costume of Dora could be in Southern Belle outfit, it’s a pastel green shade long dress with a high waist accentuated by a cute pink satin belt. However, boys in the party can wear the costume based on Alpine Boy or Dora’s friend Diego. This dress consists of a pair of brown pants with crisp white shirt and other accessories.

For help with planning your next children’s party entertainment rentals, give us a call at 888-501-4FUN for questions or advice. We have everything in the Dora Explorer party theme including Dora Explorer kids party mascot costume character rentals as well as Dora theme children’s parties bouncy house rentals and Dora Jumpers for rent.   We have other kids party character rentals from the Dora Explorer show such as Diego, Swiper and Boots!

To make a kids party costume character of Dora Explorer complete, hire or purchase her cute friend a stuffed toy monkey called Boots. Call Fun Factory Parties children’s party costume rental and entertainment for children’s parties provider in California, Texas Chicago and Seattle!

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8 comments on “Rent a Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Character!
  1. Avatar for Monique Maisonet Monique Maisonet says:

    I would like to rent the Dora the explorer for may 4

  2. Avatar for Felicia Felicia says:

    What are your prices for Dora costume rental for an elementary school book fair. Our dates are 5/28-31st. Do you have a special deal if we wanted to rented it for two days? Please let me know, thank you.

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – our costume rental price is $125, if you need it by 5/28 it must be ordered by tomorrow 12pm to guarantee delivery. thanks – 888 501 4fun

  3. Avatar for Edwin Palacios Edwin Palacios says:

    I need to know how much is DOra costume for 1 day?? or if you have Boots the Monkey !!

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – You can rent our children’s birthday party mascot costume characters for $125 each – thanks!

  4. Avatar for Jose Jimenez Jose Jimenez says:

    how much to rent Dora the explore for 1 day? I would need this by Oct 5th (birthday party) Thanks


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