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Rent Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Characters!

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Rent Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Characters!

Rent Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Characters! Mascot Diego Swiper RentalsMake Your Child’s Dream Come True with a Dora the Explorer Party – Rent Dora Explorer and Diego Birthday Party Costume Characters!
Your child has seen every episode of Dora the Explorer and knows the series inside and out. You have heard the Dora Explorer theme song until your head is ready to explode (with joy, of course). Does this sound familiar? If so, just imagine the look on your child’s face when she gazes out the window on her birthday morning and sees a GIGANTIC DORA BOUNCEHOUSE! When she races gleefully outside to jump in, who comes bursting around the corner, but Dora herself! If you are looking for a GREAT place to rent a Dora Explorer or Diego mascot costume, call FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888 501 4FUN. They deliver their colorful and fun costume character rentals for kid’s birthday parties ANYWHERE in the USA! is the best place to Rent Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Characters!

Preschoolers love Dora the Explorer, and it’s a breeze to put together a fun, Dora-themed birthday party. You can do the basics, with Dora paper products and coloring pages. Or, you can thrill your little one with Dora herself and create a memory that will last a lifetime.
Fun Factory provides several easy and affordable options to make this child’s Dora dream a reality. We can provide the costume … so you can dress up as Dora yourself … or we can provide a professional actor to play the part of Dora. Even better, we can provide both Dora and her sidekick, Boots the Monkey!
With locations across California, from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento … as well as Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas … Fun Factory makes dream-like children’s parties a reality.
What if Dora and Boots led the party guests on a hunt for a lost item, just like in the show? It’s the perfect way to get the children outdoors and using their thinking skills (without even realizing that they’re learning!). Let Dora guide them on a search that involves all of Dora’s friends, from Benny the Bull and Isa the Iguana to Tico the Squirrel and the Grumpy Old Troll. To mimic the Dora show, be sure to weave plenty of Spanish terms into the quest!
During the party, have the children take a swing at a traditional piñata and play games such as “Pin the Tail on Swiper” … before or after they wear themselves out in the bouncehouse.
Make the party extra-special by including Dora’s cousin, Diego! Fun Factory is pleased to offer you a professional actor dressed as Diego, or a Diego costume for you to wear.
Decorate the party location with balloons and other exciting accessories from Fun Factory in Dora’s signature orange and pink. Serve Dora cake or cupcakes. Then finish off the party by sending guests home with goody bags that look like Dora’s backpack filled with Dora character figurines, candy, small books, or whatever you desire.
Give your little explorer the best Dora the Explorer birthday party imaginable with a little help from Fun Factory!

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