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Rent Elmo Birthday Party Costume Character!

Like & Share with your family and friends... makes it EASY to Rent Elmo Birthday Party Costume Character! You can rent an adult size Elmo mascot costume or have a live Sesame Street elmo children’s character in Los Angeles Orange County San Jose or San Francisco! If you have chosen the theme of Elmo for your kid’s birthday party, you can ensure to have a nice time at the party, says Fun Factory Parties. In an effort to engage the kids at a party you can take the help of so many attractive games and activities at the party. There are hundreds of ideas for selecting, engaging activities at the birthday party of your kid. Here are some of the clues you may like to execute at your kid’s birthday party.Rent Elmo Birthday Party Costume Character!

One of the activities could be, after filling the small fish bowl with goldfish crackers you have to ask the kids to guess about the number of Dorothy’s in the bowl. The other game could be a very favorite one which can fit in any birthday party theme viz., “Pin the Nose”. In the Elmo party theme, it could be “Pin the Nose on Elmo”. In this game you have to draw a big Elmo face and give the kids an Elmo “nose”, blindfold one of the kids and guess whether the kid would be able to affix the Elmo’s nose in the right spot.

Further children could be engaged in coloring contest. In this game you can ask the kids to color Elmo in a soothing costume. Kids would their utmost best to win a prize. But ensure that almost all the kids win at the party. This prize could be their favor.

In the background you can play the favorite Elmo songs and music. Or why not purchase an Elmo Singing Jumbo Mylar Balloon. All you have to do is tap it to play “Happy Birthday” and the party guests can sing along.

You can show appreciation to your guests by offering them cute party favors based on Elmo theme. Some of the Elmo party favors you may like to give to the guests include Sesame Street puzzle, Elmo stickers, silly straw, a zipper pull, tub tints or a complete Elmo favor bag. You can purchase these party favors or can purchase favor bags and put any gift of your liking in it. You can also present Elmo stickers as party favors. It will be a good idea to search different party favors via online method, you will be surprised to know the different range of party favors available.

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