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Costume Character Rentals for Children’s Birthday Parties!

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rent yo gabba costume character kids party los angeles californiaKid’s Party Costume Character Rentals are a GREAT idea for a Child’s Birthday Party !

Kids are passionate about their hobbies and the costume characters that they love. If your kid is like mine, they have everything from toys to underwear to sippy cups that are covered in their beloved TV show character. Why not make their dream come true by having their favorite friend come to their birthday party? (Can’t you just picture their face lighting up!?!?!)

rent dora explorer kids birthday party costume character Here are a few ways to incorporate a costumed character into your party to make it more memorable:

Play a music video or television intro to your kid’s favorite show and have the character come out and dance around. For example, show “There’s a Party in My Tummy!” from Yo Gabba Gabba and have Brobie enter the room dancing and interacting with the kids. You can also serve carrots, chicken, and milk as part of the meal just like Brobie is eating in the video.

· Create a photo shoot area so that each kid can take their picture with the character. If you put the picture in an inexpensive frame, you have a clever and unique favor.
· Just imagine your kid’s eyes when everyone starts singing “Happy Birthday” and a Power Ranger comes out holding the cake. This surprise moment is priceless!
· Characters can also be a part of the fun and games. Having a Dora party? Invite Swiper. He can pretend to “swipe” the gifts, cake, or mom’s purse. The kid who sees Swiper first and yells, “Swiper no swiping!” gets a special prize. This is a fun game to play throughout the party.
· Figure out what your character’s theme is in the show and use it in your party. For example, at a Blue’s Clues party you can create three clues for the kids to discover to let them know it’s time to open the presents. Having a pizza party? Have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle “deliver” their favorite food! Are you planning a Yo Gabba Gabba party? Invite Foofa over to plant a garden. Each child can take a cup and seedling home as their party favor.

If you take a moment to sit down and watch an episode of your child’s favorite program, you’re bound to come up with a ton of great ideas to incorporate into your birthday party. You might even ask your child for ideas like, “If Clifford were to come to your party, what do you think he would do?” or “What is Elmo’s favorite song to sing?” The possibilities are endless, and so are number of smiles that you will inspire!

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