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Rent Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo for a Children’s Party!

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Finding the right type of entertainment for  a children’s birthday party or kid’s event can be tricky. But there are a few theme parties which can help win over the hearts of just about all the guests attending your party. Kids love to have the opportunity of getting up close to farm animals, they love to touch and feel the warmth of these small and friendly animals and ponies. is a great place to Rent Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo for a Children’s Party! They have offices all over California including in San Mateo, Rancho Palos Verdes and San jose,  as well as in Los Angeles and Orange County. Fun Factory recommends to arrange for a children’s petting zoo rental at your child’s birthday party or kid’s event. Having a pony ride or children’s petting zoo will help the children to get engaged in your birthday party or school event. We at Fun Factory Parties for Kids usually do 6000 to 7500 parties a year by bringing children’s petting zoo rentals and kid’s party pony ride rentals to people’s homes, schools or businesses. We can arrange Kid’s Party Petting zoos and children’s party ponies for birthday parties, museums, special needs children, adult group homes, nursing homes, corporate evnts and other occasions.

Here are some ideas which can help you when bringing a  petting zoo to your home, says Fun Factory Parties for kids , children’s party provider in san jose, los angeles, san francisco, san diego, orange county, sacramento, dallas and houston , Texas:

1.       Arranging fora kid’s party petting zoo at home can help kids learn about the animals. For arranging the petting zoo there is really no age factor which stands in the way. Children of any age love to touch, pet and feed these young and kid – friendly animals for kids parties.

2.       For an hour or so, a group of 20 kids can easily enjoy the company of petting zoo at  a party or children’s event.

3.       Some of the petting zoo animals which Fun Factory Parties for Kids arranges include bunnies, ducks, chicks, goats, pigs, sheep etc.

4.       All the animals provided are healthy and licensed. Our animals are regularly inspected for health and safety issues.

5.       While interacting with animals Fun Factory Parties recommends to keep all food, kid’s toys and other personal belongings away from the animals, for the safety of the animals at the party, as well as your children.

On top of this we suggest that the kid’s party host has an arrangement for running water, soap and disposable towels for hand washing after kids touch  and handle the animals at the party.

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