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Los Angeles Kid’s Birthday Party Pony Ride Rentals and Children’s Petting Zoo Parties!

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Kid’s Birthday Party Pony and Children’s Petting Zoo Rentals for Los Angeles , Orange County and San Diego are Fun and EASY!

There are few moments more memorable than childhood birthdays. Piñatas, smeared icing and laughter are more than enough to give your son or daughter something to look back on fondly, but why not go all the way? FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has everything you need to take your next celebration from memorable to the stuff of legends. Offering pony rentals for kids’ birthday parties, the FUN Factory is California’s premier destination for kids’ party rentals. Pony rides take a princess themed party to a magical kingdom that streamers and glitter could barely imagine. Allow your daughter to bask in the glory of riding her prince’s great stead. The cowboys will enjoy San Francisco’s finest ponies as well. Leave the wild horses fashioned from brooms in the shed and allow your son to sit atop his greatest ally in protecting the Wild West from carriage bandits.  If you are planning a children’s birthday party rental anywhere in California, give them a call at 888-501-4FUN for all your kid’s birthday needs!  They have offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as party equipment rentals for kids in San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento!

Our gentle Shetland ponies are equipped to tote children up to 75 pounds and come with a helpful attendant committed to making your child’s celebration the best it can be. Unlike some competitors, our ponies are not tethered to any sort of structure remnant of county fairs where you could only ride around in circles. Our ponies can be ridden on any flat surface whether it be a Sacramento backyard or Los Angeles driveway. We are not restricted to residential areas either! Want to have your event in a park or church? We can do that!

If your child is a budding veterinarian or general animal lover, we offer petting zoos bundles with our pony rides. If you have an eight-foot by eight-foot area for us to set up a pen, chickens, rabbits, ducks, goats and piglets can wow your children. Just as with the FUN Factory pony rides, there will be an attendant there to take care of everything. Your child will be awestruck by the sudden appearance of a menagerie in his or her backyard and you will be free to take in the sight of your child’s raw joy. Our attendants don’t just watch over the animals, but take care of the entire event. Why run around frantically when you can be a part of the celebration?

Visit FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM or call 1-888-501-4FUN for more information of pricing and availability. The FUN Factory strives to be California’s premier party rental destination. Available in almost every city or region, we will do everything in our power to give your child a day to remember for a lifetime. Your daughter may not always believe she is a princess nor will your son always become a cowboy at bedtime, but a pony or petting zoo rental from the FUN Factory will allow him or her to watch a dream become reality right before their (and your) eyes.


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