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Spongebob kid’s birthday costume character rentals!

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Spongebob kid's birthday costume character rentals! Rent adult size children's parties mascots entertainers Los Angeles Orange County San Jose San Francisco Spongebob kid’s birthday costume character rentals!

Does your child have a favorite television show? Do they play with action figures of these characters? Maybe your son or daughter has always wanted to play with “the real” SpongeBob SquarePants in his town of Bikini Bottom. Now you can bring your child’s favorite television character to life at their next birthday party! is proud to offer Spongebob kid’s birthday costume character rentals! Imagine the smile on your child’s face when they see SpongeBob make a special trip all the way from under-the-sea to celebrate their special day with them! The Fun Factory, a party rental supplier in sunny California, offers a variety of exciting character rental options including this very well loved character. SpongeBob SquarePants, alongside Dora the Explorer and Yo Gaba Gaba are among the most popular mascots at the Fun Factory! If you are celebrating a joint birthday party, such as a single birthday party with two children born on the same day, SpongeBob is a great option because all children, both boys and girls, love his fun antics and humorous behavior!
To make the perfect SpongeBob themed party and bring the sea to dry land, decorate with fun ocean-colored party décor. For example, create “seaweed” by hanging blue and teal party streamers from the ceiling or any overhead structure. Add to the fun by including a station for all the party guests to gather and create “Patrick the Starfish” macaroni art! Go all out by creating a “Bubble Stand” for your guests to blow bubble art, just like the very first episode of SpongeBob. The children will gush with excitement! Just imagine the fun and looks on the guest’s faces as they are handed party favor treats from the lifesize SpongeBob SquarePants himself! Spongebob kid’s birthday costume character rentals are a sure – fire way to make any child’s party, school or corporate event a hit!Spongebob mascot costume rentals adult sized childrens parties characters Los Angeles Orange County san jose sf bay area

If you reside beyond the Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco metro area, The Fun Factory is able to ship the SpongeBob mascot right to you; enjoy this fun character in any state in the USA via UPS! The character mascot costumes are constructed to fit adults up to 6 2” and 220 pounds. All character mascots arrive on time at your door, clean and ready to make your child’s birthday party the party of the year! Get ready to see the exuberate glow of happiness of your child or toddler when they discover that SpongeBob SquarePants wanted to celebrate their birthday with them! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is the number one place for where to find Spongebob kid’s birthday costume character rentals! Visit The Fun Factory’s website,, to view a variety of character mascots and party services available to you.

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