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Spongebob Mascot Costume Character Rentals!

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Rent Spongebob Costume Character Birthday PartyThere’s no doubt about it – Spongebob Squarepants is as popular with children (and adults!) today as he was when the show came out nearly 15 years ago! Kids just love having a visit from a real life Spongebob birthday party costume character at their birthday party, school or corporate event. Any type of event or celebration for children is a great time to hire a Spongebob party character to come entertain the kids. is America’s leader in Spongebob Mascot Costume Character Rentals! They have been offering Sponge mascot costume birthday party entertainers and costume rentals for almost 25 years, throughout California and the rest of the USA. They make it fast and EASY to rent an adult size spongebob children’s birthday party mascot costume or to hire a LIVE Spongebob kid’s party character rental to come entertain children. at 888 501 4FUN has branches for live Spongebob birthday character appearances all over California, including in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as the San Jose San Francisco and Sacramento areas. Newer offices are open in San Diego and the Riverside San Bernardino area for children’s birthday party costume character rentals. Give them a call today for all your kid’s birthday party needs!Spongebob birthday character rentals los angeles

You can either rent the adult sized Spongebob mascot costume and have it delivered to your front door, or you can choose to hire a LIVE Spongebob kid’s party character to come appear in person at your child’s birthday. Either way is a great option for any Spongebob related theme birthday party or event. Adult size Spongebob mascot costume rentals will fit any adult up to 6’4 inches tall. The Spongebob mascot costume is clean and well maintained, and one size fits all! The Spongebob costume rental is easy to wear and can be worn for more than 2 hours at a time with comfort. Renting a Spongebob mascot costume can be done anywhere in the USA by placing an order online at FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM. The Spongebob mascot rental will be shipped to your home, school or place of business and arrive 2 – 3 days prior to your event. The price of the mascot rental is $158 for a 3-4 day rental. To return the item, simply drop it off at your local UPS store on the Monday after your event. Easy! Whatever type of Spongebob theme birthday party character entertainment you prefer, makes it easy to find Spongebob Mascot Costume Character Rentals!

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