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Top three kids party entertainment ideas!

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kids birthday clown rentals orange county los angeles san jose san franciscoBirthday parties for children can be a lot of fun, but let’s face it -there can also be some stress involved too. Finding the right entertainment or activities for the children to do can be a little bit intimidating. If you’ve never thrown a child’s birthday party or event for kids before, you might be wondering what the best options are. Well, is here to help with their top three children’s birthday party entertainment ideas!

1) Hire a clown! Yep that’s right, the old standby of hiring a clown for a children’s birthday party, school or corporate event is still one of the most sure-fire ways to ensure that children at the event will have a great time. A good party clown can do all kinds of fun activities including balloon animal twisting, face painting magic tricks party games anymore. If you are planning a child’s birthday party in the Los Angeles, Orange County San Jose or San Francisco Bay Area, and factory can easily suggest a great children’s party clown entertainer for your event.

2) Pony rides and mobile petting zoo rentals. Renting a children’s birthday party pony ride or a mobile petting zoo is another great option. If you are having a party at your home, park or child’s school and you have at least 10 ft.² of space then renting ponies is a great option. Typically one pony can accommodate up to about a dozen children in one hour. Pony rides for kids are pony rides mobile petting zoos childrens birthday parties los angeles orange county san jose san franciscogreat for children under 10 years old, because at that age they are still light enough to be able to ride on the pony. Lots of great options available if you would like a package of both ponies and petting zoos at the same time. Party pony rentals include staff, set up and delivery so it’s one of the most hassle free options available.

3) Rent A bounce house or inflatable party slide. Renting an inflatable slide, castle or moonbounce for kids to jump and play on during the party is a can’t – miss way to give kids a great time! Bouncehouses appeal to a wide range of ages, typically from 1 all the up to teens. If you get the right size and style bouncer, it should fit nicely with your venue and party theme. One of the perks is that bouncehouses come in a wide variety of styles. So if you’re having a Ninja Turtles birthday party theme or a Princess theme party for girls, there will definitely be a jumper to match that theme. has over 150 bouncers to choose from, so give them a call at 888 501 4FUN and have a great party!

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