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Yo Gabba Birthday Party Character Rentals!

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Yo Gabba Birthday Parties Character Rentals!Way Too Cool Children’s Party Costume Characters For Your Child!

Need some ideas for cool children’s party costume characters? Join the club! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is a great place to find Yo Gabba Birthday Parties Character Rentals! Hundreds of parents from around the San Francisco Bay Area search their brains to death every year in an attempt to piece together the perfect costume party. Forget the search and tune in below, because we at have the full scoop for you!

Yo Gabba Birthday Parties Character Rentals!

One of the best new kid’s party rental ideas is to hire a Yo Gabba Gabba children’s party costume character to come entertain your child on their birthday! You can rent a Yo Gabba mascot costume for $158 and have it shipped right to your door, ANYWHERE in the U.S.A!  Call 888 501 4FUN for information on our kid’s party costume rentals. Only $158 to have this fun and cuddly character delivered to you in time for your child’s next birthday!

Here’s a list of some other popular children’s party rental themes:

Pop Stars

“America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol” have birthed a nation full of teeny, tiny pop-star wannabes. It’s not the most kosher career choice in the world, but why not give your little loved ones the opportunity to be genuine pop stars for just one day? Plus, it’s super-easy to put together Justin Bieber and Katy Perry costumes. It’s also fun, exciting and hip!

Zoo Animals

Face it. Little kids love animals, be they lions, monkeys or panda bears. And we’re willing to bet good money that your kids would absolutely love to dress up as their favorite animals! With that being said, these party costume characters do require some work. We’re talking about fur, scales, point ears, fangs, paws and of course tails! However, we’re pretty sure the effort will be worth it!


Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, matey! Thanks to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film serious, everybody loves pirates. They’re cool, and their style is impeccable. From eye patches to peg legs, hooks, bandanas, torn shirts and facial hair, the pirate trend has everything you need to turn up your children’s costume party. If you really want to turn up, then we recommend also adding seafood to the party!


We won’t lie. The whole pirate theme may not go so well with little girls. They would probably prefer dressing us as Disney princesses! Not only is it a fun idea, but it’s also classy and helps little girls feel positive about themselves. I mean seriously… what little girl doesn’t love dressing up all fancy and nice for a day? It’s also relatively cheap, because all you need are dresses and makeup!

High School Musical

When High School Musical dropped in 2006, it took over the lives of many young ones. Why not bring that energy back with a High School Musical costume party? Every body or girl can dress up as his or her favorite character. Added to that, you can have your own little musical full of songs and fun galore.

Final Thoughts

Excited? Good, because we too feel really excited! Why? Because we at FUN FACTORY PARTIES have everything you need to bring these children’s party costume characters to life! Not only that, but we offer these products at rates way more budget-friendly than those you are apt to find at your local shopping mall.

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