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Dora Explorer mascot costume rentals for kid’s birthday parties are a great idea!

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Rent Dora Explorer mascot costume children's Birthday Parties character costumes diego bootsIf your child loves Dora the Explorer , it’s easy to plan a children’s birthday party with that theme. There are plenty of great kids birthday party ideas that incorporate the Dora the Explorer theme, along with her friends boots the monkey and Diego. One of the best Dora Explorer themed birthday party ideas for kids is to rent a Dora explorer mascot rental in adult size. Mascot costume rentals of Dora the Explorer, boots or Diego are a fun and easy kids party idea. Mascot costume rentals come in adult sizes and will fit and adults between 5 foot one up to 6’3″ tall. You can rent a Dora the Explorer mascot costume online at fun and have it delivered right to your front door in plenty of time for your child’s birthday party.

Dora Explorer mascot costume is $145 to rent for a three day time period. If you would like to add a boots the monkey costume rental for Dora’s friend Diego, you can do that as well. Each costume rental is $145 and will be delivered approximately 2 to 3 days prior to your children’s birthday. Dora Explorer costume rentals can be delivered anywhere in the USA. Rent dora explorer costume BOOTS mascot kids birthday PARTY CHARACTERs los angeles san jose san francisco orange countyIf you are planning a children’s birthday party in Los Angeles or Orange County California, can also hire a live tour explorer children’s birthday party character performer to come entertain the children. A live Dora Explorer birthday character is a great option for kids ages one through seven. Parents who are planning a child’s birthday party in the San Jose, San Francisco or Sacramento area can also rent a Dora Explorer kids birthday party character . Fun factory also offers a great Doret Explorers theme birthday party bounce house rental to go along with your party theme. Dora Explorer bounce house rentals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A standard size balance is 16 x 16′, and can accommodate approximately 15 to 20 children at a time. If you would like a larger size bounce house rental, you can order a Dora Explorer theme combination bounce house that includes a slide as well. What ever your child’s age or party theme, has you covered with lots of great ideas!

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