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Elsa mascot costume rentals are a great kid’s birthday party idea!

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Rent Frozen Elsa anna olaf mascot costumes kids birthday parties character rentals los angeles orange county san jose san franciscoIf you are planning to have a Frozen theme children’s birthday party, then you have come to the right place! Kids all over America love the frozen birthday party characters including Elsa, Anna and Olaf. These popular children’s party entertainment rentals are one of the newest and most popular birthday party ideas to come along in the past five years, says

Parents who are planning to have a frozen birthday party and would like to invite Princess Anna or Elsa along with their friend Olaf can easily do so. All it takes is a simple phone call. Or you can go online and place a reservation to rent an Elsa mascot costume. Whatever you decide, there are lots of great kids birthday party ideas with the Frozen theme. Elsa mascot costumes are available to rent anywhere in the USA. They can be shipped right to your front door, school or place of business.Frozen olaf mascot costume rentals elsa anna kids birthday parties costume characters

Elsa and Olaf mascot costume rentals are a great idea for kids ages 1 to 8 years old. Parents can rent a mascot costume of any of the frozen characters including everyone’s favorite Olaf. A three day frozen mascot costume rental is 145- $165, depending on the date and location of the costume rental. recommends making your mascot costume rental reservation as far in advance as possible, in order to ensure that the item you would like to rent is still available.

By placing your mascot costume rental reservation at least three weeks in advance, you will also be able to use ground shipping which is the least expensive option. If you are planning a frozen theme birthday party in the Los Angeles or Orange County area and looking for children’s birthday party entertainment rentals, fun factory has you covered!

It’s easy to rent a frozen birthday party character like Elsa, Olaf or Anna to come entertain the children at your birthday party. Frozen theme birthday party character rentals are available anywhere in California including Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as the San Jose and San Francisco bay area. Princess Elsa, Anna and Olaf can come visit the children in person and play music and games, make balloon animals and do face painting, and of course sing happy birthday! Frozen birthday party characters like Princess Elsa and Olaf are a great idea for children’s birthday party entertainment. Earth Day party character rentals are best for children ages one up to seven years old. If you’d like to rent a frozen theme princess bounce house, fun factory can provide that as well. Give them a call at 888-501 4FUN, and have a great birthday party!

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