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13th Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens bumper carsFUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has plenty of experience with Birthday Party Ideas for Teens! A 13th birthday party is a big deal no matter who you are, and for you as a parent, it’s a pretty big deal for you as well – the end of an era, a rite of passage, the beginning of the teenage years, with their whole lives in front of them. By now, kids are starting to work out who they are and are insatiably hungry for the world around them
Chat to your almost teenager, sit them down and find out what they had in mind. You may be surprised; you may be in for a shock. This could be the time for them to do something really grown up, like go out for dinner at a grownups restaurant. Here are some great ideas for a 13th Birthday party.

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Paint Party Sleepover – Girls
Buy a large rectangular or oval piece of material big enough to fit a large table or just to spread out on the floor. Buy a whole lot of different coloured paints and some brushes. Make sure to tell the girls that they must bring a change of clothes that they can get paint on when they come to the party. Girls love sentimental things and their friends mean everything to them.
Spread the cloth out and mix up the paint into jars, get the girls to make a design between themselves for something that will be nice for the birthday girl to hang in their room. Once they have spent the afternoon painting and creating and signing their names hang it up to dry and position the girls up in front of it and take loads of pictures.
Keep that cloth and hang it up over your child’s ceiling, letting the light shine through and send photographs to all the girls as thank yous and keepsakes. Spend the rest of the party enjoying snacks a movie and a sleepover. The cost is minimal and the girls will have a ball.

Amazing Race Party – Boys
You can change this around to be a scavenger hunt type party; in fact anything goes and if there happen to be girls around this will work as well. Split the boys into groups and get them to hunt down clues from around the neighborhood. Send a parent with each group obviously. Get the neighbors involved, and then award the team who makes it back to the house within the hour the winner and give them the first go at a piñata or award them all ice creams, gold coins or certificates for taking part.
Put in cryptic clues about the house with the green door, ask them to knock on number 12 and ask to buy eggs as their keyword. You can have a lot of fun with this and it doesn’t have to cost a thing at all. When they get back to the house start up the BBQ and let the kids chill on the lawn with cool drinks before they go home.

Disco Themed Party
Kids love their music, so this is a fantastic way to pull off a great party, and keep the kids entertained. You can have just about any theme – a 50s or 60s Disco party. Have a couple of dance games, or a dance off for prizes. Your party supplier will be a great place to source any rock ‘n roll themed items like balloons, themed plates, cups and serviettes. Get your kids to help you select the music and put it all on an iPod so that the tunes run smoothly for the duration of the party.

Camp Out
Pack up a tent, the guitar, some torches, loads of grub and head out to your favorite camping spot for the night. Get the kids to bring their fishing rods and swimming gear for a camp out. This is a great way to combine a sleepover with nature. Have a fishing competition and later that night around the bonfire, the kids can melt marshmallows and sing happy birthday. Take board games and cards with you for the kids that want a break from running around, diving into leaves and playing rough and tumble in the bushes or paddling about in the water.




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