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Finding Nemo Birthday Characters!

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Have a Finding Nemo Kid’s Birthday Party Theme!

Finding Nemo Birthday Characters!FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is a great place if you are looking to hire Finding Nemo Birthday Characters! Kids love having a Finding Nemo theme for their birthday party! Everyone wants to be a hero. Kids want to be cartoon heroes. A Finding Nemo Party may become great fun for kids. Of course, you may just invite you child’s friends and make them eat from plates with cartoon heroes images depicted on them. Though the party decorations are important, it is just a part of the party. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM  Offers all kinds of great ideas for a Finding Nemo Children’s Birthday party, including Nemo costume character rentals, nemo theme bouncehouse rentals for children, and of course lots of great Finding Nemo Birthday Party supplies!  Give them a call at 888-501-4FUN for help planning your entertainment for your next children’s party for kids ages 1 to 12 years old! Even little kids and toddlers will enjoy the show!  From San Diego to San Francisco, we offer all kinds of exciting kids party rentals and children’s entertainment services.

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If you are going to throw a real great Finding Nemo Party for your kid you should organize some games for children. There are several games we could suggest:

Game #1: Find Nemo

This game is very alike to hide-and-seek. Birthday child should hide somewhere and the guests are to seek for him. It is simple though fun. Most kids enjoy playing hide-and-seek, so they’d enjoy this game too.

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Game #2: Sharks

Find some calm secure place preferably in the outdoor and far from the road. The best suits the backyard of the house. Someone is to be a shark. You may decide who it would be using such a counting rhyme:

If you meet it, you’d bite a dust.

Its movements are fast,

Its teeth are sharp.

It is a shark.

The “shark” is to catch other players. When the “shark” touch someone, that child turns into a “shark” and the previous “shark” isn’t a “shark” any more and join the others running away of the “shark”. Children may play this game for a very long time before they got tired. There is also another variant of that game. When the “shark” touches someone and then they catch others together. That one who remains the last untouched (non-bitted with a shark) player is the winner.

Party Dishes

When the children are tired of games you may ask them to dine. Then such “Finding Nemo” paraphernalia as “Finding Nemo” plates and cups come in useful.

Some “Sea sounds” mp3 playing quietly in the background would be good as well.

There are several special dishes you may prepare for Finding Nemo Party. First of all dishes that reminding of jellyfishes. Non-alcohol pudding and jelly with fruits are the most popular. Chocolate starfishes and fishes, and starfish/fish crackers are welcomed too. You may also decorate a birthday cake with marmalade or chocolate starfishes, fishes and corals. You may also try to make an experiment and treat guests with sushi made of shark. Tell the children that it is made of shark and you’ll see how soon it’d be eaten. Generally most see food is welcomed except fish. Probably children wouldn’t like to eat fish because of a kind of sympathy. Though, dishes made of sharks and octopuses are all right.

Invitation cards

Do not forget to make special invitation cards. You may simply cut brightly coloured cardstock paper into a fish shape. The most appropriate paper colours are yellow, blue and some green. Also, there is an alternative to a paper cards. You may write the invitations on some big sea-shells. That would be really original and impressive, and some fairy.

The movie

At the end of the party children may like to watch their favourite movie about Nemo for once more.    

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