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Cinderella theme birthday party ideas for girls!

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Princess theme party for girls rent Cinderella Llittle Mermaid character parties los angeles Cinderella party supplies princess theme girls birthday parties Fun Factory Parties is a kids party rental company in California with branches all over the U.S. including in Dallas Texas . They provide great children’s costume character rentals for kids parties anywhere. New branches in Houston Texas and Chicago Clowns for Kids!  They know well how popular and fun the Cinderella Birthday Party theme is for your cute little girl.  By choosing a Cinderella birthday party theme you are helping your child in turning her dream coming true of becoming a popular story book Princess character, which she has only heard and read. Fun Factory has plenty of great entertainment and supplies for Cinderella theme birthday party ideas for girls! For Disney princess theme birthday parties in Los Angeles or Orange County, as well as in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area, give them a call! They have branches from Beverly Hills to Sacramento and beyond! suggests a few Cinderella birthday party ideas you may like to consider:

Invitation – After choosing Cinderella birthday party theme, send invitations using rough golden-colored paper and choosing old English font while burning the paper edges so as to give a “medieval” look to the invitation. Your invitation should also possess an picture of Cinderella. You can also decorate the invitation with theme stickers.

Decoration –  As far as decoration for Cinderella birthday party theme is concerned possibilities are endless reveal Fun Factory Parties providers, California. In this party use colors showcasing elegance viz sky blue, silver, pink, purple etc. You can use these colors for crepe and balloon décor. For making surroundings memorable hang helium balloons at every place so as to create “royal” feeling at the party. You can also paint a clock face at the top showing time as midnight.

Menu – The two main items your menus must contain include:

Pizza – Use a regular round pizza while is toppings should replicate the hands of a clock and don’t forget the pepperoni clock striking twelve.

Blue Dress Drink – Intermix any translucent soda with any blue color Kool Aid drink. However, if some of the kids don’t like the soda offer the blue Kool Aid drinks alone.

Fun Factory parties provider could help you create beautiful surroundings including a castle and arrange exclusive party supplies. Watch out more tips in coming blogs.

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