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Cinderella Princess Birthday Party for Girls!

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Cinderella Princess Birthday Party for Girls!The famous Disney princess who lost her slipper depicting rags to riches story is well known all over the world. Girls particularly love this story so much so that they don’t mind choosing the Cinderella Birthday Party theme. Of course this makes some sense choosing beautiful Cinderella for birthday party says Fun Factory Parties provider, California, as girls feel on top of the world when they understand that they are becoming its clone for a few hours at their birthday party. has plenty of great ideas for Cinderella Princess Birthday Party for Girls! They offer Princess theme entertainers in Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay area. Give them a call at 888 501 4FUN for help planning your little girl’s next Princess party!Rent Cinderella princess party character san francisco kids parties entertainment los angeles

Here are a few party tips which will help you make the Cinderella birthday party theme a success and help you save your precious time.

  •  You can choose custom made personalized invitation from Fun Factory Party supplies.
  • Make a list of your shopping list early and decide about the food and the activities to be carried on during the birthday party.
  • Make the party favor bags in advance so as to eliminate the stress

Cinderella Birthday Party Games

In an effort to add charisma to the birthday celebration Fun Factory Parties provider, California suggests the following Cinderella birthday party games:

Cinderella Housecleaning – When all the guests have assembled announce that each girl is Cinderella. Provide each girl a feather duster to clean the house. Kid will really love this activity at least here!

Duke arrives – When Cinderella(s) are busy dusting, the Duke dressed in a tuxedo or suit knock and drop off the royal invitation to the Prince’s Ball.

Ballroom Dancing – While dancing at the party there should be a “Nutcracker” music playing in the background. Offer some prize for the “best twirler” or “the most elegant couple”.

Watch this blog for more such Cinderella Birthday Party Games.


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