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Clown Rentals for Kid’s Parties in Los Angeles!

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Clown Rentals for Kid’s Parties in Los Angeles!

Looking to Clown Around? Clown Rentals for Kid’s Parties in Los Angeles, San Jose or San Francisco are EASY!

Clown Rentals for Kid's Parties in Los Angeles! RENT CLOWN ORANGE COUNTY SAN JOSE SAN FRANCISCO CHILDRENS PARTIESLooking to give your little comedian a surprise treat he’s sure to remember for years to come? Send him and all his friends to Clown School! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM professional team of highly experienced clowns can turn any frown upside down through daring feats of magic, amazingly-crafted balloon animals, face painting, and dozens of interactive games and activities.  They have been providing fantastic children’s party entertainment such as clown rentals and birthday party magic, balloon animals and face – painting from Orange County to Los Angeles and beyond! Give them a call at 888 501 4FUN for help planning your next child’s birthday clown! They are your one – stop call for any type of Clown Rentals for Kid’s Parties in Los Angeles!

Our clowning around doesn’t stop at birthday parties. With a minimum ten years’ experience as a crowd-pleaser, each of our clowns can entertain children of all ages at a multitude of events and locations. Clowns love to be included in school-sponsored activities and can attract more students, and parents, to an otherwise unpopular function. Our clowns strive to prove that laughter can be the best medicine when they are invited to children’s hospitals to perform for an adoring audience, and at town fairs they can be great at keeping the crowds laughing and engaged between events or they can act as another member in the already exciting entourage of the day.
Availability and Pricing
Our clowns are available in all of California and would love to be a part of your next party or event. Need a goofy clown with a big red nose in Orange County? No problem! Our clowns can also be found in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and anywhere else in California where laughs are needed! Our clowns are everywhere you need them: from the East Coast to the west The Fun Factory can get you the fun you need to make your party or event memorable! They are your number one source for all Clown Rentals for Kid’s Parties in Los Angeles!
Our clowns don’t ask for much. They just want to make the most of your day. Our rates are not only competitive, but they are also affordable! For the price of one clown you get a magician, an artist, a comedian, a story-teller, an actor, and the adoration of all!
Who are our clowns?
We don’t expect you to make your choice lightly. That’s why we only hire the most experienced, most trusted, most professional clowns in the industry. Our clowns come from a host of backgrounds including nurses, fun-loving parents, actors, and teachers, and all have a minimum of ten years’ experience in clowning around!
Where do clowns come from?
Clowns have a long and proud history. Originating in Egypt at around 2400 B.C., clowns have been in the entertainment business for over four thousand years!
Did you know: there are generally considered to be two types of clowns.
1. An always serious clown who tries, and often fails, to keep people from laughing at him by being businesslike and sincere despite his many antics.
2. An always goofy clown who simply cannot help but fall down and “just can’t seem to do things right”.

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