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Dora Explorer birthday party costume character rentals!

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dora explorer party for kids rent dora mascot costume character buy party suppliesDora the Explorer has created her own special space in the heart of millions of children all over the world because of her adventurous activities, says Fun Factory Parties children’s entertainment and kid’s party rental and children’s parties entertainment agency in California. Parents also do not feel bored by this animated character and want their children to be like Dora the Explorer. So when parents are asked about which party theme they want to choose for their kid’s birthday party, the answer often belongs to Dora the Explorer. If you are planning a Dora Explorer theme birthday party, is a great place to go for Dora  Explorer birthday party costume character rentals! Due to the popularity of Dora the Explorer theme parties for children, it is no secret that you will get all your parties supplies, decoration material, party favors and table cloth in one place. Fun Factory Parties provides children’s entertainment and Dora Theme kid’s parties for kids ages 1 – 9! They would like to present you the following tips based on the Dora the Explorer party theme.

You can easily get a picture of Dora the Explorer online, and can enlarge it later. You are now in possession of a beautiful cut out of Dora the Explorer. You can use this amplified photograph on a strong sheet of poster board and can laminate this as a poster or for using it as a banner.

You can adopt games pertaining to Dora the Explorer as she goes on her  search to learn and discover new things. Moreover, you can also prepare a cake along the lines of Dora or her friends Diego, Swiper and Boots the Monkey! You can purchase a Dora Explorer cake topper and candles from Fun Factory Parties online store along with other party supplies like large dinner plates, paper cups, small dessert plates for cake and ice cream etc.

If you have plans to hire a party character based on the theme of Dora the Explorer, you can easily get the same from Fun Factories Parties provider in California.  888 – 501 – 4FUN for ALL your kid’s party rental needs!


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