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Pony Rides and Petting Zoo Rentals for Children’s Birthday Parties!

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Kids party rental Pony rides are the perfect choice for any children’s birthday parties! If your child loves animals or your little girl loves horse or ponies, then hiring a pony or petting zoo for your child’s birthday is a terrific way to entertain the children! If you are planning a child’s birthday party with an animal theme, is a great place to go for Pony Rides and Petting Zoo Rentals for Children’s Birthday Parties!

All kids love to sit on a fun and gentle pony. Fun Factory Parties has been providing animal theme birthday parties for children and rental ponies for kids birthdays in California for over 23 years!  We have lots of great kids party rentals and animal theme birthday parties for children all over the USA, including in California cities like Los Angeles and Orange County as well as in San Jose and San Diego or parties for kids in Sacramento or San Francisco. If your kid’s birthday party is in Texas, we have offices in Dallas, Houston and Austin!  Give us a call at  888-501-4FUN!

We offer tons of children’s birthday party entertainment rentals including having a pony at your child’s birthday party or even hiring a petting zoo that includes lots of safe and gentle animals such as chickens, rabbits, ducks baby goats and guinea pigs!


Here are some tips which will help you get organized for having a great rental pony rides at your kid’s birthday:

First of all you have to decide on the best venue for your pony rides. There are a few factors which go into making this decision,  like whether you wish to arrange for your children’s pony rental in a private home or garden or you prefer to have your child’s party in some other location, such as a park or a zoo. Various party venues have petting zoos and offer pony rides but this could turn out to be a more expensive option, as you have to choose from only the packages available from that venue. Also, at these type of party places you can’t bring outside food or drink to the party  (possibly excluding birthday party cake) So you have to factor in the additional cost of feeding your party guests from the food choices provided by the venue or rental locale.


However, if you happen to organize pony rides in a park it will save you a lot as you have to pay the hourly rate says, Fun Factory Parties, who can easily arrange the pony rides for the kids attending the party and will be happy to depute their professional staff to look after the younger kids riding the pony.

You can gift cowboy hats to the children attending the birthday party. For kids who are not interested in horse riding you can involve these children in other activities like decorating cowboy hats with glitter and stickers. You can also give those beads and buttons, puffy paint etc.

At this moment you can also give non-messy brownie cone which is pre-packaged with brownie mix and bake them and frost the same, this will come out to be a mouth watering ice-cream cone cake.

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