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During these magical days where the summer sun meets the golden leaves of fall, a certain member of your family may not be as excited as you are. Where bicycles and skateboards used to fill the streets of your neighborhood with the familiar friendly clatter and chatter of children, now these same friends might be dragging home books and lunch boxes! These days can be confusing and cumbersome to any child, and yours might be caught up in the disarray of a new routine.
But why leave the popsicles melting out in the end of the summer sun? This is a time to celebrate, make new friends, and have an amazing time! Imagine turning an afternoon of the same old school lifestyle into an enchanted storybook evening with a magic show, featuring a live magician casting his spell of fun and amazement for all to see! And why stop there, when an entire group of Yo Gabba characters, can come transform your home into a destination rather than just a dwelling. Simply contact the Fun Factory at 1-888-501-4FUN to rent some hilarious Yo Gabba kids party costumes!
Perhaps your upcoming weekend needs some hilarity and fun rather than simply preparing for another week at school. Your kids will love the Fun Factory’s clown rental program which brings jokes and laughter to your little explorers!
Have a birthday on the way? What a perfect chance to rent popular party costumes such as Dora the Explorer and even everyone’s fuzzy friend Elmo! Then create some exploration when you take advantage of our loveable pony rentals and petting zoo rentals!
So are the final rays of summer sun setting on some down faces? Help your kids have a blast and make brand new friends with the Fun Factory and our fantastic resources for turning your home into a land of wonder, excitement, and exploration. Whether you live in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, or San Diego, we are here to assist you with all of your party planning needs! We even serve Dallas and Fort Worth Texas, so that wherever you may be, you will never be far from the expertise of our team of party planning professionals. Let us take care of the details while your kids enjoy hours where their brains can relax, recharge, and renew for the start of the school year to come!
Contact our team by calling 1-888-501-4FUN or by visiting our website at FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM

Christmas is around the corner; you would have been thinking of throwing a Christmas party, it is time to start planning about the Christmas themed party, says Fun Factory Parties provider in California. We are proud to have organized thousands of high-profile parties including Christmas parties and events, which is why we have the capability of transforming your event into a unique spectacle.

If the Christmas day happens to be your kid’s birthday it will be an excitement event full of fun. We can also deliver our best in arranging Christmas themed corporate party providing it a contemporary edge. We have various party themes each with massive set-work, ideas, props, scenery, magician, party characters etc.

We are known to have organized hassle free parties by arranging dance floor, marquee, venue, interactive games and catering, to name only a few things which we can do. We promise to bring a wow factor along with arranging a truly spectacular party with friendliness. For example, why not take the assistance of Christmas based theme party with an idea of Winter Wonderland! For this theme you will have to choose Christmas based party themed colors of silver, white and icy blue. This theme will provide you a complete feeling of winter celebration. Apart from decorations, remember to get party supplies according to these three colors. Fun Factory Parties provider says that don’t forget to include Santa Claus, artificial reindeer, sledges, snowman and fairies around.

Of course on the Christmas day you would have Christmas trees, ribbons, mistletoe and bells. Lastly don’t forget to arrange tempting Christmas special sweets. Call Fun Factory Parties provider in California now and book the event.

It’s fun and easy to plan a great kids party!  There are plenty of ways to entertain children at your event or holiday party. You can hire a clown for kids or have santa claus come visit the children on their special day. Kids love to be entertained by children’s party character rentals like Elmo Dora the Explorer or Yo gabba Gabba. Plan a visit with one of these great kids party costume character rentals in los angeles, san jose san francisco or dallas!

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