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clown birthday party rental los angeles san jose childrens parties san diego san franciscohire clown childrens birthday party rental los angeles san jose san francisco kids parties entertainment san diegoHow To Pick the Perfect Clown For Your Child’s Birthday Party!

Children really love a circus theme birthday party when they find someone hilarious who is different from the world says Fun Factory Kids Party rentals and children’s entertainment clown provider in Milpitas, Manhattan Beach and Laguna Beach, California. They make it super easy to Rent a clown for a kid’s birthday party!

Hiring a clown for a child’s birthday party can generate squeals of laughter and plenty of fun for all. Using clown rentals for children’s party can turn a “so-so” party into a memorable event you’re child will be talking about for a long time. Before locking down your clown you’ll want to ask a few questions to make sure you and your entertainer are on the same page.

1. What age groups have you entertained?
Everybody loves a clown, right? Actually, some younger children who haven’t been exposed to the art of clowning could look at this looming figure with a painted face and be terrified. Usually, kids under the age of five need a bit more TLC when being introduced to a clown. You should let your clown know the age range for the party to allow them to make any appropriate adjustments in their routines. Also let the parents know a clown will be in the house!
2. What clowning skills do you practice?
The answers you want to hear are things like face painting, making balloon animals and magic tricks. Every clown should lead the group in party games which means you might need to have some extra prizes on hand.
3. How long have you been clowning and where did you study?
Yes, clowning is serious business at least when it comes to training. Most professional clowns either went to the prestigious clown college (yes, that’s a real place) or studied with another master clown. You want to know your clown has the chops.
4. Do you have references?
They absolutely should and you need to call them up to find out how your potential clown performed for others. You could also ask for pictures of previous gigs and/or a website. There should be plenty to share!
If you’re not making the clown a surprise for your child then involve them in the decision making process. The more they know the more comfortable they’ll be.

A Clown for a kids party will act like he is visiting from a circus, they will not ask children whether they have finished their homework or don’t do that thing or the other. His job would be to bring smile on the faces of children. Clown-themed birthday party for kids in san jose or los angeles is an easy way to convince your children’s party entertainment on their special day. Fun Factory Parties provider can easily organize a birthday party clown no matter where you want to organize the birthday party. When a clown performs at party adults can have a relaxing time while he/she keep the children giggling with delight.

If you have finalized the circus based themed party you can start announcing the same to your friends and colleagues about your plans through invitations. You have to search for a clown themed invitation cards.

You can decorate the circus based themed party with streamers or crepe paper to come out with a “big top” tent. When you start at the middle of the ceiling and string streamers in a circle you will detect it looks akin to a tent.

When you hire a clown from Fun Factory Party provider in California you are assured that you have got a charming clown who don’t look frightening. On having a glimpse, children will love the clown who will mingle with crowd at your birthday party.

In this birthday party you can also hire a balloon artist who will make balloon animals. Don’t forget to serve popcorn and snow cones at this clown themed party. Lastly you can give party favors that have red clown noses and little bicycle horns.

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