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Find a Clown Rental for Your Child’s Birthday Party!

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Find a Clown Rental for Your Child’s Birthday Party!

In Orange County, Los Angeles or San Jose Hiring a Clown for Your Child’s Birthday is a Piece of Cake!


Find a Clown Rental for Your Child's Birthday Party! los angeles clowns for hire orange county children's birthday parties entertainers for rentFinding a great clown for your child’s first, second or third birthday party can be easy! Clowning is serious business when it comes to choosing an entertainer for your kid’s birthday party. That’s why you need to find a birthday party company that will provide clowns that are well-experienced in the field. is a great place to call to Find a Clown Rental for Your Child’s Birthday Party! For children’s parties clown rentals in the  Los Angeles and L.A. area give them a call for a free quote at 888 501 4FUN. For clowns for hire for orange county children’s birthday parties or any type of OC clown entertainers for rent give them a call or email any time!

Performers should have a natural rapport with both children and adults. Needless to say then, you really don’t want to hire a clown that turns out to be a “bozo” when it comes to picking a performer. You want to make the party an interactive, fun experience, whether the activities include face painting and making balloon animals, or feature magic acts. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has been helping parents find clown rentals for children’s parties in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Jose and San Francisco kid’s birthday party entertainment for over 23 years! 888 501 4FUN is a great place to call for ALL your children’s party clown entertainment rentals!

The Two Basic Clown Types
Clowns who are used at children’s parties today are performers whose antics and costumes have been passed on from two basic clown types, namely:
• The Comedy Whiteface Clown (who uses white face makeup and an exaggerated clothing style); and
• The Auguste Clown (who paints splashes of makeup around the eyes and mouth and typically sports a bulbous nose and a colorful wig).
Ronald McDonald and Bozo the Clown are examples of well-known comedy whiteface clowns and the famous clown, Emmett Kelly, would be considered a modified example of the auguste clown.
What’s Your Child’s Age?
When selecting clowns for your children’s party then, it will take more than the wave of a magic wand for a clown or puppeteer to appear. Before making a selection, think about whether or not the entertainer is the best choice, given your child’s age, interests, and preferences.
Choosing Performers for Toddlers and Three-Year-Olds
Sometimes a colorful clown, up-close, may appear scary to a child younger than four. So, for toddlers and three-year olds, it’s best to pick a performer who either entertains with puppets or involves party participants in games and songs.
Picking a Magician
If you want to entertain kids with a magician, then a clown or light-hearted artist is your best bet for any child aged four to seven. Choose an adult-type magician for children who are eight years of age and above.
Where to Obtain Further Details
Residents in Orange County, Los Angeles, and even as far away as Dallas, Texas or Fort Worth, Texas can plan the perfect kid’s birthday party by visiting the site. Or, better yet, give the Fun Factory a call today at 1-888-501-4FUN! We provide a vast array of entertainment options, including equipment rental, party supplies, magicians, clowns, party characters and petting zoos. Contact us now for further details. They can certainly help you to Find a Clown Rental for Your Child’s Birthday Party!

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