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Pony Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

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Pony Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

What Little Girl Doesn’t Want A Pony at their Birthday?

Pony Rentals for Kid's Birthday Parties! petting zoo san jose san francisco los angeles orange county sacramento children's partiesLittle kids love pony rentals for birthday parties! Little girls and ponies go hand-in-hand, and if your a parent your daughter has probably said at least once that she wants a pony. But if you live in a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles, or San Francisco your back yard is probably no place to keep one. That’s why FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM makes it easy to find Pony Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties! You can rent ponies and mobile petting zoos anywhere in California. You can hire a pony ride for a child’s birthday party in the san jose san francisco bay area. Or for southern california pony ride rentals they are available in los angeles and orange county . You can even find ponies and petting zoos for rent for sacramento children’s parties. Birthday party pony ride and petting zoo rentals are one of the BEST ideas to keep children entertained at a birthday party or special event!

Enter the perfect way to live out the fantasy without buying hay, or shoveling up the mess. Your little one can ride atop her tiny steed in princess like fashion while being monitored by trained professionals who know how to help your little angel safely live her fantasy. You can call FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888 501 4FUN for help with renting a pony ride or petting zoo for any children’s birthday party in California such as Newport Beach, Los Angeles or Pasadena as well as in Northern California cities like San Francisco, San Jose and Fremont.

The Shetland ponies used by Fun Factory are well known for their sure footing, and gentle demeanor. The small horses originally bread in the Shetland Isles are strong enough to carry riders up to seventy-five pounds, and are often used for therapeutic horseback riding by groups world-wide. Children feel at ease with the animals finding their small body; and head, with widely-spread eyes, and alert ears, “cute.”

Imagine that glowing smile that warms your heart when she sees a pony trot up the drive for her birthday, or any special occasion really. The giggles of delight as she is given calm, welcoming, instruction on how to handle the animal and begins her saunter around the yard. No Yard? No problem, these majestic animals are perfect for most any flat surface including sidewalks, and are trained with your child’s safety in mind. It provides a memorable experience for both parent, and child that will be talked about for years to come.

You, and your child, become the talk of the neighborhood as guests get to share in this charming experience. With incredibly reasonable prices this is a dream you can afford to make come true for your little one. With FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM you will have unforgettable Pony Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

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  1. Avatar for Chay Coulter Chay Coulter says:

    We having a joint birthday party for a 4 year old and 6 year old. It is My Little Pony themed sometime in November. We were thinking pony rides would be fun for the kids and go with the theme, also we were looking for face painting and a possible bounce house!

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