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Find Clown Rentals in Orange County! Children's parties entertainers for hire Anaheim Newport Beach Long Beach Santa Ana Los AngelesFind Clown Rentals in Orange County!

If laughter makes the heart merry, then Fun Factory clowns are the best sort of medicine! Clown Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties in Orange County or Los Angeles are ALWAYS a big hit with kids of all ages! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888 501 4FUN offers children’s birthday party clown entertainment rentals and clowns for kid’s parties ANYWHERE in california!  From Newport Beach to Laguna Beach or Los Angeles and Long Beach, we are your one – stop children’s party entertainment rental phone call. They make it easy and fast to Find Clown Rentals in Orange County!

Think of it-a big red nose and oversized shoes to match, will inevitably bring a smile to the face of your birthday boy or girl. So, take your medicine! Hire a happy Fun Factory clown for your child’s birthday party and you’ve got gold!

Fun Factory clowns understand the whimsy of children. Even though most kids are notoriously bad joke tellers it’s okay. They still roll on the floor, laughing hysterically, until soda blows out their nose. Fun Factory clowns can do that for your kids and their friends. Clown performers, hired by the hour, will create an unpretentious, innocent, pure-hearted, fun party atmosphere that parents will appreciate and kids will love. Our clowns, professional performers, put the happy in birthday and will have your kids and their guests, rolling on the floor, fascinated with balloon sculpted animals, awestruck by magic tricks or tickled with face painting. With, it’s never been easier to Find Clown Rentals in Orange County!

Fun Factory is a nationally established party rental company providing outstanding service and the perfect professionally trained clowns for your party. Fun Factory clowns have been in the business for no less than 10 years. Our troop of clown entertainers are from all walks of life, many are professionals in the community and some are parents. This alone will generate the best possible outcome for your child’s party, because Fun Factory clowns understand what makes kids tick and most importantly, how to safely and effectively entertain them. If you are planning a party in the Los Angeles area, let Fun Factory provide the perfect clown for your child’s enjoyment.

Our professional, award-winning clowns bring joy to every party. When you hire a Fun Factory clown, you can expect him or her to pull out all the stops to ensure your child has fun. Don’t bomb out with a boring birthday party. By all means, “bring in the clowns” and make your child’s party, the bomb.

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