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Hire a Magician for a Kid's Birthday Party!

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Hire a Magician for a Kid's Birthday Party los angeles childrens parties magic show orange county san jose san francisco californiaWhen you’re a child, is there anything more enthralling than MAGIC? And as an adult, is there any better brain tease than trying to decipher a magic trick? That’s why it’s always a great idea to Hire a Magician for a Kid’s Birthday Party! FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has been providing children’s party magicians and kid’s birthday parties magic shows for over 23 years!  Magicians in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as in San Jose, San Francisco and Menlo Park are available all year round!

Magic casts a spell children and adults appreciate equally. For years our FUN FACTORY magicians have captivated children and adults alike with their unique blend of skill and charm. Our FUN FACTORY magicians are available for all kinds of events, so if you’re looking to throw a party in LOS ANGELES or SAN DIEGO, or in or around most other areas in Southern California, and you want to give partygoers a memorable afternoon they’ll remember for weeks, then you’ve come to right place! Our magicians are experienced entertainers who know how to make sure kids (and adults!) have a great time from the moment the show starts! Our magicians are capable of entertaining any group of children and know how to tailor their shows for kids of any age, while also keeping adults entertained throughout! We are available for birthday parties, family get-togethers, special events, and much, much more! Our magicians are available to take pictures with kids,  are capable of making a wide variety of balloon animals, and  are committed to making the show interactive, so that your children not only watch the magic show, but also able to be a part of it, which will help make the show—and the party itself—that much more fun and memorable!

A good magician knows he must engage his audience the moment the show begins, and our magicians are experts at doing just that! Our magicians are masters of all the familiar tricks: pulling rabbits out of hats, making select items disappear—in short, almost anything your child could ask for! However, our magicians are not merely masters of engrossing an audience from afar– they also know how to incorporate that same energetic audience into the act itself! If your child isn’t shy about participating in a magic show, if he or she wants to be the magician’s special helper, then we will make it happen! Imagine the happy memories your child would have of the time they helped pull off a magic trick in front of all of their friends! More than anything, our magicians are committed to making sure the show is memorable for YOUR child, and they are willing to improvise so that, with their help, your party is one of the most memorable of the year!

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