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Kids Party Entertainment Ideas!

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Kids Party Entertainment Ideas!

Fun Children’s Parties Tips!

FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is your number one place to find Kids Party Entertainment Ideas! So you have survived those first few years as a parent…whew! Well done, and now is the time to plan the party and no matter what anyone tells you, a child’s birthday party is a milestone. It marks the end of a time when your child still thinks you and their teachers are role models and can’t live without you, and is starting to move on to a time of independence, more responsibility, exams at school and a hectic social life. If you are planning a children’s party anywhere in the USA, give FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM a call at 888-501-4FUN!  They have great entertainment for children and kids party rentals all over California as well as in Texas and anywhere you are planning your next kids birthday party rentals!

Here are some great ideas for a celebrating a child’s 5th birthday party. These are great tips for either Boys or Girls!   birthday party for 5 year old kids parties entertainment rentals

Kids Party Entertainment Ideas!

Boys & Girls
Countries from around the world party
Everybody dresses up as a different country from around the world. This way you can have a dress up party that won’t break the bank. Kids won’t need to buy outfits as they can use mom and dad’s scarves, belts, hats, high heels, sarongs and sunglasses, and they will have great fun dressing up from places like Hawaii, Africa, China and Holland.
Serve food from all around the world; pop little paper flags onto the items so the kids will know which country they ate from – cucumber sandwiches from England, pizza from Italy, spring rolls from Asia. You can cut out small flags, get the kids to colour them in beforehand, and stick them onto toothpicks instead of buying them. It’s a great way to keep them out of your hair a few days before and to learn about food from different countries.

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Murder Mystery Party
This is a great game that also doesn’t have to break the budget and you can include as many kids as you want. So if your child wants to do something completely different and you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it this is how it works. Something like real life Cluedo, and what kid doesn’t like a mystery.
You can splurge on the budget and get a professional murder mystery host to come in and do it all for you or you can conjure it up yourself at home. Each child will get a card with some information on and a character to play.
They then have to interview each other and work around some other details to work out whodunnit. Give them an hour or so, otherwise they could get bored and then get them altogether to swop stories. Serve sandwiches with red tomato sauce to look like murder sandwiches, spaghetti twisted into ropes, hard boiled eggs to look like eyeballs – the sky is the limit.
Superhero Party
Themed parties are always a great hit with the kids and there are so many great party accessories that will make your ideas come to life. A Spiderman theme is a great one. It is popular and there are lots of things in the stores that won’t cost a lot of money to implement. You can get Spiderman plates, cups, serviettes, table cloths and even balloons. Some great party games for the afternoon include pinning the spider on the web – a twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. Ice doughnuts to look like spider webs and hang them up outside from a tree trunk and get the kids to chow down on them without using their hands – guaranteed to be a big mess and a lot of fun.
Craft Parties
This will work with both boys and girls – every child likes to be creative at this age. Pick a theme; it can be a jewellery making party, with some masculine beads and accessories for the boys to choose from and the glittery ones for the girls. Make it a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, which will go great with the activity to make items from the sunken treasure chest. Your party supplier will have everything you need to bring your theme to life and you will be able to pull off a great birthday party for your 10 year old.
Games Party
Why not have an afternoon filled with classic games, like an egg and spoon race, sack races, apple bobbing, treasure hunt, lawn bowls and end off the afternoon with a good old tug of war. Reward the kids with small prizes. Yyou can get a number of great trinkets from your local party supply store. You will be surprised as to how many kids don’t know the games at all – they have all grown up with TV, TV games, internet and Xbox, so it will be a hit because it will be a novelty.



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